Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Resume


Employers receive some pretty unusual job applications from time to time. However, even if your resume doesn’t rail against your current employer, contain words from an invented language, or reveal an inappropriate amount of personal information, you can still make mistakes that will cause it to be set aside. In one survey, 40 percent of executives said that just one typographical error is enough for them to rule out a candidate for a job. So be sure to proofread your resume, and keep an eye out for the following aspects that might sink your chances of getting a job.

– Poor arrangement. Attempting to spice up your resume with eye-popping colors and designer fonts can backfire. Unless you have a background in design, you’re probably better off sticking to a clean, clear format.

– Too much information. A resume should be brief. If you’re new to the working world, one page will suffice. And even if you’ve been working longer and have a lot of experience, limit yourself to two pages.

– Exaggeration. You need to put your best foot forward in your resume, but you also need to make sure it’s still your foot. Inflating your job title or stretching the truth in your job descriptions is a fast way to hurt your chances with an employer. The truth about your background will come out in the end, so be upfront about it.

– Unprofessional elements. Despite the fact that you do everything else right, an unprofessional blemish can really hurt you. An e-mail address with a silly name, for instance, can undo hours of polishing your resume.

– Overuse of jargon. Industry buzzwords tend to obscure your qualifications, so keep an eye out for them and scrub them away. Terms like “detail-oriented,” “proactive,” “team player,” and “hard-working” say very little about you. Instead of using them, demonstrate those attributes by talking about your accomplishments.


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