Manpower Survey Charts Hiring Plans for Second Quarter of 2014


Every quarter, the hiring outlook in the United States is measured by a tool called the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey. The survey, which has been conducted for over half a century, breaks down employment prospects by industry, as well as location. Data for the second quarter of 2014 data showed growth in a number of industries and regions.

The survey breaks down the job market into 13 industry sectors and publishes data for each of them individually. Growth in the overall job market, which reached 13 percent after adjustments for seasonal hiring, was led by the leisure and hospitality sector, where 30 percent of employers surveyed planned to expand and only 6 percent planned to reduce their labor force. The leisure and hospitality industry has shown a regular increase in hiring at this time of year, but even after adjustment for seasonal trends, it led the pack.

After adjustments for seasonal trends, other strong performers included mining and the wholesale and retail trade. Nearly a third of the mining companies surveyed planned to expand, and 22 percent of wholesale and retail firms expected to increase hiring. Every industry sector surveyed showed a positive hiring trend overall, although the nondurable goods manufacturing industry expected a slowdown in hiring compared with the first quarter of 2014.

Hiring expectations varied by region. In the Midwest, hiring for positions in the leisure and hospitality industry was expected to be slightly above the national average, while wholesale and retail hiring was expected to be slightly below average. The Northeast showed slightly lower overall hiring at 11 percent. The South expected above-average hiring in transportation and utilities, as well as in professional and business services. In addition, the West showed double-digit hiring in all industry sectors other than nondurable goods manufacturing and education and health services. Additional information about the Manpower survey, as well as the survey itself, can be found at


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