Making the Most of Your LinkedIn Account


LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for professional networking, but the website works a bit differently than many of the other platforms people use to search for jobs. By learning the unique quirks of LinkedIn, you can ensure that you make the most of your account.

The most important step in using the website effectively is completing your profile. Frequently, people only fill out about half of the available fields. However, people with complete profiles rank higher in the LinkedIn search engine. Therefore, when you fill out your profile, don’t just stick to the bare minimum. Make it captivating and alluring so that people want to connect to you.

Once your profile is completed, start expanding your network using the website’s advanced search feature, which helps you find the people working in your particular niche. While you should start by connecting with coworkers, friends, and then friends-of-friends, you should also forge new relationships with other people in your niche. These connections will help both of you learn from each other and become better at what your do. You can also search for groups in your niche. These groups are a great forum for creating and strengthening professional relationships within your industry. Moreover, by contributing to the group in meaningful ways, you establish your reputation as an industry expert.

If you find that you do not have a lot of endorsements or connections, take a proactive approach by extending recommendations and endorsements to other people. Many will return the favor, thus creating a win-win situation. Both endorsements and recommendations appear directly on your profile and serve as a testimonial to your skills.

The old adage “content is king” holds true even for LinkedIn. As much as possible, you should add interesting media, like videos and infographics, to your profile. This sort of media draws people to your page. Of course, this media should all be directly relevant to your work and support the image of you as an industry expert. It’s also a good idea to frequently publish new, engaging content that other people in your industry will want to read.


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