Lend New Life to Your Job Search


A long job search can be uninspiring. At some point, the enthusiasm and optimism you hopefully started off with begins to fade, the job listings blur together, and you begin feeling like anything would be better than having to attend another networking event. When that happens, it’s important to find ways to rejuvenate your job hunt. Consider the following tips for a motivational boost.

– Get feedback. If your job search isn’t working, there’s probably a specific point at which it’s failing. Your resume and cover letters may not be up to snuff, or your interview skills might need polishing. Find someone, preferably a person with hiring experience, to give you feedback on your application materials. You may be able to identify your weaknesses, fix them, and give your job search a much-needed boost.

– Temper your expectations. It takes the average job seeker 39 weeks to locate a new position. So if you’re expecting to find a job within a week or two, you might be setting yourself up for disappointment. Many people, particularly those just finishing school, have to take unglamorous interim jobs that never show up on their resumes but pay the bills while they keep searching.

– Enjoy the potential. The next application you submit, or the next networking e-mail you send, could be the one that lands you the job you’ve been looking for. Try to keep that in mind, and enjoy the feeling of clicking the “send” button and the hope it generates.

– Be humble. No matter what you’ve done in the past, nobody owes you a job, and feeling entitled to one is likely to hamper your job search. Instead, focus on excelling in whatever it is you do, whether that means the job hunt itself or an interim position, because doing a great job is what will eventually get you where you want to go.


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