Jobs to Avoid in the Next Decade


The overall numbers on job growth can hide remarkably different realities. Even if the economy is improving and hiring trends are positive overall, some fields can be experiencing double-digit decreases in hiring rates. When planning for the future, you should consider the long-term employment prospects in your industry. With that in mind, think twice before entering any of the following fields, each of which is showing little promise going forward.

– Traditional newspaper reporting. It’s no secret that print journalism has been struggling with the rise of the internet, and newspaper reporter positions are predicted to shrink by 13 percent by 2022.

– Broadcasting. While broadcasters typically earn more money than reporters in print journalism, their employment prospects are equally bad going forward, with a 13 percent decline in positions expected by 2022.

– Clerking for the post office. Post office clerks earn high wages for their job type, but the postal service has been scrambling to keep afloat recently, and clerk jobs are expected to shrink by nearly 50 percent over the next 10 years.

– Working as a call receptionist or switchboard operator. Businesses are moving from human operators to automated answering services at a fast pace, and as they do, jobs in the industry are expected to shrink by over 23 percent during the next 10 years. Customer service representatives use many of the same skills and have better prospects.

– Semiconductor processing. Despite typically requiring an associate degree, jobs in semiconductor processing, a part of microchip production, are expected to shrink by almost 18 percent over the next decade as workers are replaced by machines and manufacturers move jobs to countries where labor is cheap.

– Serving as a flight attendant. Becoming a flight attendant may appeal to travelers, but jobs in the sector are expected to shrink by 7 percent in the next eight years as airlines trim employee rosters.


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