Job Search Mistakes to Avoid


A job search can fail for many reasons. Your resume might not stand out from the competition, or you might not have an understanding of the job-search process that other applicants do. You could also be asking for too much or be overqualified for the position. If you’re having difficulty figuring out why your search isn’t paying off, check to see if any of the following might be the problem:

– Your resume does not highlight your key strengths in an easy-to-read format. Recruiters may have hundreds of resumes to screen for each position, so they tend to spend just a few seconds on each one. Your employment history and education receive the lion’s share of the recruiter’s time, so those sections must be easily visible and offer a compelling reason for the recruiter to contact you.

– Your resume has errors. Even a single typo can result in an application being rejected. More than six out of 10 recruiters will dismiss an application due to a typo, and four out of 10 will do so because of spelling mistakes.

– Your resume doesn’t play by the rules. Resume formatting can have an outsize impact on your chances of landing a job. Research has shown that organizing your resume in such a way that recruiters can easily find the information they’re looking for results in the recruiter rating the resume higher by 60 percent. In addition, the PDF file format can’t be scanned by many automated systems, so if you submit a PDF resume, you may be rejected before a human ever sees your application.

– Your appearance is unprofessional. When you get an interview, you should be conservative in appearance. Remove piercings and groom yourself as fastidiously as possible.

– Your emotions are hurting you. Depression and anger aren’t unusual if you’ve lost your job, but not getting them under control before you encounter a potential new employer can make you a much less attractive candidate. If you find yourself struggling to control your emotions, get the help you need so that you can approach employers without those emotions hanging over you.


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