How to Turn an Internship into a Job


Internships don’t always turn into full-time work. While over a third of interns end up with jobs at the companies they interned with, close to two-thirds of them don’t. Therefore, if you just follow the path laid out for you, chances are you’ll leave behind a generally positive impression that won’t last long after the next intern steps into your role. You can, however, give yourself a better chance of transforming an internship into lasting employment by doing the following:

Do everything well.

Starting on day one of your internship, show your employer that you work hard on every task, no matter how trivial it is. Whether you’re photocopying reports or helping someone with a critical proposal on a tight deadline, make sure every piece of work you complete sparkles. Your employer will take notice and remember you long after your internship is complete.

Act like a grown-up.

Some interns maintain their college mindset, staying out late and partying, after entering the workforce. Doing so is asking for trouble. When completing an internship, you only have a brief opportunity to show your employer what kind of employee you would be if they hired you full-time. You don’t want them to think that they’d get someone who comes in tired and hungover or whose social media are full of unprofessional photos.

Be direct and keep trying.

Your employer won’t know that you want a full-time job unless you tell them so. No matter how good your work is, you’re not likely to have your boss come to you and drop a job in your lap three days before your internship ends. Instead, meet with your supervisor and let him or her know how much you enjoyed your internship and how much you’d love to have a full-time job at the company. Do the same with human-resources personnel. It may take several applications before the right job finally opens up, but if you can maintain positive relationships with the people you impressed during your internship, you’ll be more likely to land that job when it finally does appear.


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