How to Talk Positively about Yourself in an Interview


Employers consistently ask “How would you describe yourself?” in job interviews. The question can be a tricky one to answer, but it also provides you with an important opportunity: the chance to shape an employer’s impression of you in a positive way.

For many people, talking positively about themselves feels uncomfortable. It’s something they’ve been trained to avoid, or their self-doubts bubble up and make them feel as if they’re lying. However, being able to describe yourself in positive terms is key to acing the interview, so consider the following tips to help you communicate your attributes:

Focus on the job

If you’ve never given much thought to how you should talk about yourself in an interview, you might make the mistake of discussing your personal life. Instead, stick to describing the personal qualities that make you a good employee.

Pick one strength

Interview answers should be short and to the point. So, focus on the one thing about yourself that makes you perfect for the position. This attribute could be many things; it could be creativity, innovation, determinedness, motivation, pragmatism, or a number of other qualities depending on the situation.

Create a script

Write down what you want to say and take some time to review it. You might want to include a statement about your biggest strength, a past success that backs up that statement, and what you’re looking to do in your next job.


You won’t have your script in front of you at the job interview, so it’s important to go over it again and again until you’ve got it down. When responding to an interviewer, you don’t want to sound like you’ve memorized your answer, so try to learn it well enough to hit your major points without reciting the words verbatim. Don’t just limit yourself to learning the words, either. Visualize the interview and how you’re going to use body language to project confidence as well.


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