How to Stay Positive During a Long Job Search


A long job search can sap your enthusiasm for your career, particularly if you’re unemployed. At the same time, a negative attitude can be self-reinforcing. Positivity can make you more motivated to find job openings and help you to make the most of interviews and networking opportunities. If your job search has gone on for a while and you’re starting to feel down, try the following techniques in order to rejuvenate your positive attitude.

– Think about your past successes. Remind yourself of all the things you’ve achieved so far, and if you need to, write them down and refer to the list anytime you start to feel low. Thinking about your achievements can flush negative thoughts out of your head.

– Embrace those things you cannot change. If you find yourself thinking that you “have to” do things, try to change your perspective and look for something to enjoy about them. Use the phrase “I am looking forward to” when describing your next unavoidable task. This mental jiujitsu can help you to turn challenges into opportunities and maintain positivity in the face of the responsibilities you’re dreading.

– Set aside time to think about things other than your job search. Worrying too much about the next step in your career can add to your stress level and sap your positivity. Make sure to dedicate time to those things you enjoy. Go for a walk or see a movie. Your job search will benefit when you come back refreshed.

– Celebrate small victories. Sometimes you can become so focused on the larger goal of getting a job that you forget to celebrate the milestones that come before it. Getting a phone interview or an in-person interview, making a new networking connection, and growing your professional platform are all things that need to be celebrated, even if you haven’t landed that new position yet.


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