How to Shake Up Your Job Search


When a job search gets tough, you may need to try another approach in order to find success. It’s easy to tell when what you’re doing isn’t yielding results, but it can be more difficult to find ways to make positive changes. If your job search feels stagnant, try the following ways to shake things up:

—Look outside your geographical area. Not everyone has the flexibility to move around to chase job opportunities. However, if you do, being willing to relocate can pay big dividends. Job markets can vary widely from city to city, and just because there aren’t many open positions in the place you’re living doesn’t mean you won’t find work elsewhere.

—Reapply with companies who previously turned you down. If you had a positive interaction with an employer, they may be interested in hearing from you again. It’s always possible that while they didn’t need you three months ago, a new position has come up for which you’d be a perfect fit.

—Get to work on your weaknesses. Focusing on your strengths will get you far in a job search, but if you’re not getting a position, it might be time to take a hard look at what isn’t working. Your interview skills may be weak, for instance, or you may need to find a better way to address hard questions that come up when interacting with employers. Be proactive and make yourself a better candidate rather than spending all your time looking for positions.

—Take a day to reevaluate the positions to which you’re applying. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses, and then make another list of your dream jobs. Cross-reference the two, and make sure you’re focusing on jobs you’d both love and be qualified to do.

—Reach out to companies you want to work for, even if they have no open positions listed. Try calling the general contact number for a business and ask whom you can get in touch with about recruitment. Then write that person a letter explaining what you do and why you’d like to work for their business. People who show this kind of initiative often impress recruiters.


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