How to Make a Good Impression in Your First Week


The need to impress an employer doesn’t stop after you receive a job offer. In many ways, your job search is merely the prelude to a lengthy process of building trust and respect that will lead to raises, promotions, and more. Your first week in a new job is a critical period. The first impressions your boss and coworkers form of you have an outsized impact on how they’ll see you over time, so try the following to be sure your first week sets you up for success:

Pay attention to your grooming.

With so much on your mind, it can be easy to let your personal appearance slip a bit during your first week, but do your best to present a well-groomed, professional appearance every day. People make judgements about your abilities based on the way you look, and if you take care of your grooming, people are likely to assume that you’re organized, efficient, and trustworthy.

Learn the unwritten rules.

Most offices have a series of unwritten rules that operate alongside official policies. You can ease your transition into a new job by being as receptive as possible to the ways other people do things. Watch to see who does the dishes in the break room. Find out which refrigerator employees use to store their lunches. Figure out where to find the coffee and if/when you’re responsible for making it.

Be the person you said you were.

During your job search, you presented yourself to your new employer as a certain kind of person. Whatever you promised them, make sure you start delivering right away. Meet with your new manager so that you can find out his or her expectations. Then, get to work as quickly as possible, making sure to keep track of the work you’re doing and record any feedback you receive.


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