How to Find Your Dream Career


For many people, a job is just a job. You work to pay the bills, raise a family, and fulfill your dreams in other areas of your life. However, it is possible to find a dream career. The next time you’re in a position to change jobs or fields, you should look for work that will satisfy you on a deep level. Not only can obtaining a dream job may make you happier, but it also may increase your career success because you’re more likely to perform better in a job you love. Use the following methods to identify your dream career:

Figure out what you do best

A dream career will often incorporate your greatest strengths. To find out what these talents are, ask the people around you rather than relying on your own judgment. Your coworkers may have a better view of your strengths than you do.

Identify your ambitions

Ask yourself several questions. If you didn’t have to work, what kind of activities would you be doing? Is there a unifying element to the work you feel best doing? Try identifying a challenge that you felt particularly good about overcoming, then look for a career in which you can help others do the same.

Try a quantitative approach

If numbers and formulas are your thing, you may want to quantify what you want in a job. For every employment opportunity, assign a rating to various aspects of the job, such as its compensation, company culture, your ability to pursue outside interests, and more. Then, weight the ratings based on what’s most important to you to obtain an overall score. You can find ready-made equations to help you online, or you can build your own.


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