How to Create Your Own Position


In a hiring environment where competition can be fierce, limiting your job search to positions posted on public listings can hamper your efforts to find employment. If your attempts to find a job through traditional means have failed, or if you can’t find a job that matches your skill set, or even if you already have a good job and are only interested in leaving it for something that’s a perfect fit, creating your own position might be a good idea.

Creating your own position starts out with a thorough investigation of yourself. Step away from the accoutrements of the standard job search, such as the resume and the cover letter, and instead create a list of the things you’re best at and the things you love doing. Break down your ideal workplace and workday. Then figure out how to leverage your passion and specific skill set toward helping company.

All that brainstorming should give you a good idea of the kind of opportunity you want to create. Next you should develop a list of companies or brands you’d like to work with, including your own, if you think you might want to start a business. Look into the companies on your target list, figure out whom you need to contact to get your dream job, and then write them a clear and concise letter. In your letter, explain how your proposal will fill the company’s needs. Include a resume, but keep your contact with them solely focused on them and how you can help them, rather than on yourself.

Reaching out to employers to create a position can be hit or miss, and you may need to explore alternative options. Deal with rejection gracefully and professionally, and figure out how to follow up without being pushy or irritating. Consider offering your services on a short-term, trial basis, so that the company can see if they really need what you’re proposing before taking you on long-term. Working as a freelancer on a piecemeal basis can also help you lay the groundwork for a permanent position. And if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, your dream job might mean working for yourself, so don’t be afraid to start a business of your own.


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