How Not to Burn out during Your Job Search


Even people who have been through a number of job hunts can burn out when looking for work. Constantly putting your best foot forward and getting rejected takes an emotional toll on even the most resilient of workers, and recruiters often see candidates fade in terms of confidence and excitement over the course of a search. Burning out can make it even more difficult to land a job, so try the following suggestions to make sure it doesn’t happen to you:

Treat applications as growth opportunities

One way to make sure you get something out of every application you put in is to treat it as an opportunity to improve. Ask for feedback if your application gets rejected. Vary your approach a little bit and see if it works. Tell yourself that even if this interview doesn’t get you a job, you’ll learn something from it that will make you more effective in your next interview. Growing through your job search can prevent you from feeling like you aren’t going anywhere.

Celebrate small victories

Long before you get the big victory of landing a job, you’ll have racked up a number of small victories. Each interview is a win, and you should treat it as such. It means you’ve mastered the first part of landing a job, and that you’re just one step away from getting an offer.


Going a long time without working can be rough on your ego. So take the time to volunteer your skills where they’re needed. In addition to keeping your work skills fresh, volunteering will give you a sense of accomplishment and be a reminder that people value what you have to offer.

Get support from other job seekers

You’re not the only person facing rejection during your job search, and it can be very powerful to swap stories with coworkers or friends who are also looking for a new position. Doing so can lessen feelings of isolation that could contribute to burnout.


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