Complementing Your Traditional Resume with Video


In today’s increasingly competitive job market, candidates often go to great lengths to stand out from the competition. One way of doing this is to supplement a traditional paper resume with a video resume. While a video resume can certainly make you memorable, you must be strategic about how you create and use the video.

If you are considering making a video resume, you should first make sure that it is appropriate for your situation. You should not create a video resume for the sole purpose of gaining a recruiter’s attention because you may make yourself distinct in an unfavorable way. Also, not all industries are receptive to video resumes. If you are looking for a job in social media, technology, or creative professions, a video resume can convey a lot of your character, which is difficult to convey on paper. If you are applying to a more traditional corporate job, hiring managers may not understand the video or see any value in it.

If preparing a video resume makes sense for you, be sure that it contains information that is not listed on your resume. Hiring managers will have already looked over the paper resume before watching the video version. If you simply read from your resume, you are wasting everyone’s time. The video is a great opportunity to display your personality and show hiring managers exactly what you can contribute to the company. For creative positions, you can incorporate examples of past work or create something special that is tailored to the specific job in question.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your video resume. Clever editing or interesting production techniques can impress hiring managers. However, you should avoid looking unprofessional. Wear professional clothes and speak as you would in the workplace. Also, be sure not waste anyone’s time with extraneous information. Ideally, your video should be less than two minutes.


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