How to Quit Gracefully


Before you can take on a new job, you’ll need to decide how to leave your old one. If you’ve been frustrated with your current position for a long time, it may be tempting to quit in a fiery display of passion. Alternatively, if you’re excited about a new project, you may just want to get out as quickly as possible, with as little drama as possible. However, quitting your job is an important step in your career. If you handle it right, you can maintain or even strengthen connections that will pay off in the long term. Try the following tips to leave your job with grace:

Resign face-to-face.

You’ll have to write a letter of resignation at some point so that your human resources department will have your decision to leave on file. However, it’s important to tell your boss in person that you’re leaving. Try to get a short meeting with them at the beginning of the day, and keep the conversation positive. Even if it’s hard, find nice things to say about your boss and tell him or her how you’ve grown while with the company. Doing so will lay the groundwork for a positive relationship in the future.

Don’t leave anyone in the lurch.

Plan your resignation carefully. Know who can take over your projects and responsibilities and leave plenty of time to bring your successors up to speed on what you’ve been doing. Your boss will end up making the final calls on who takes care of what, but by providing suggestions, you can make everyone’s work easier.

Be ready to talk about why you’re leaving with coworkers.

Word will get around the office that you’re leaving, and when it does, some of your coworkers will want to know your “real” reasons for quitting. Have a story ready to tell them that doesn’t throw your current employer under the bus. When asked why you’re leaving, talk about how great your new opportunity is rather than how awful your old job was.


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