How to Prepare a Winning CV


Recruiters from the top companies typically receive hundreds of requests for the same job. Most of these requests are discarded and only a few candidates will be contacted for an interview. Finally, one candidate will be offered the job. The question is: How do you make your resume stand out from all of those others? Do you have a winning CV?

Here on some basics for getting your CV to stand out from all the rest:

1. One Page: This is the ideal length of any resume. Remember, it’s a document that very well will not be read in its entirety. To add to it, you might add a letter of recommendation or the contact information for your personal and professional references. These two pages should be added only if they are requested.

2. Get it in Order: At the top goes the most imporant data: name, key skills and main achievements and contact information. The top of the document will receive the most attention.

3. Specifics: Use bullets points, describe your positions and activities using as few words as possible and in short sentences separated by a point on each line. Do not fill the document with adjectives. Busy recruiter will discard resumes that do not quickly highlight your actual qualifications.

4. Spelling: Use MSWord spell checker to make sure there is not a single typo.

5. Delivery: Job boards and forums specify exactly how to apply. Follow them carefully. Some will specify formats and delivery options or require you to apply online. Whatever they ask for, do it correctly and with suitable preparation.

6. Highlight Your Sucess: Print your CV on a good business bond paper. You want it to stand out from the rest and not be lost in sheaves of others.

We wish you the very best of luck with your job search. Follow these tips carefully to get the attention you deserve and you’ll find yourself looking for a much shorter time.


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