Online jobs: how to earn money while you travel the world

Online jobs: how to earn money while you travel the world


While travelling the world, you can find all sorts of jobs on the place you are, tour guiding, bar tending, house sitting, working in hostels, etc. However, these kinds of jobs do not allow you to travel with the frequency you want, and sometimes you have to stay in places more than you want to. Online jobs have become in a revolutionary way to work from anywhere, and at your own pace. These jobs can be done over a short period of time, and you can get them on short notice. The only things you will need are a good laptop and internet connection. Below you will find a list that will give you some ideas of online jobs that you can do while traveling. So you can look these possibilities and start planning your journey around the world immediately.


Copywriters are people that help to create television or radio commercial scripts, web page content, online ads, postcards, catalogs, direct mail pieces, brochures, taglines, sales letters, jingle lyrics, press releases, white papers, billboards, and other marketing communications media pages. No matter in which part of the world you are, you can start copywriting right now if you know how to write. Likewise, it is essential that you like writing, or you will eventually hate the job and throw in the towel. You should search first for clients that work with topics that you like. In this way, you will write at your best, so it will make you gain some recognition, which is crucial for this job.

Ebook Writer

With this job, you will also need your writing skills, and love to write even more. As an e-book writer you have two options; you can be creative and write your own books, or you can work with other people’s books. In order to do the latter, you need to know how to re-edit a print version of a book and make it suitable for an ebook version. There are websites online that helps you with this task, and then, you can start your online job as an e-book writer.

Blog programmer

To do this job, you need to have some blog programming skills and the need to learn more about it. Many of the clients who ask for a blog programmer are organizations that require an improvement in their online image, so you need to be creative and manage the customer’s information posted on the blog in the most efficiency way.

Image courtesy of Brandon Deeck at
Image courtesy of Brandon Deeck at

Online Teaching

This is an online job that has rapidly increased in the past few years. The possibilities available on internet are endless, from teaching a language, to doing lectures for universities. It is obvious that you will need more qualification to do the latter, but the great thing is you can also study and get qualified on internet. In fact, many universities and colleges are moving to online learning. Nowadays, there are a lot of opportunities of teaching and learning online; it is up to you how to take advantage of it as you travel the world.

Social Media Management

Normally, you spend a lot of time on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media pages, so why not to use this to earn some money while traveling? Currently, Social Media is a critical issue to small businesses, big companies, governmental organizations, or public figures, that’s why this issue is just getting bigger and bigger. If you are skilled in social media management, these skills can lead you to some online paying jobs. They look for people that know what they are doing, think outside the box, and have motivation to work hard. You need to know what content gets shared, how to read analytics, and how to manage multi-social media accounts. All this work can be done online, and the payment is decent, so you will be able to finance your travels.

Website Design 

If you have some knowledge of creating simple or complex websites, therefore you are able to start your very own business online. Even if you are not very skilled in this matter, you can learn the basics of building a website for customers in WordPress within a few weeks. To do this online job, it is not necessary that you become a great designer, since you will use great and easy templates from sites like Woothemes and Themeforest. To start with your online business, you can build your own website where you promote your own work. While traveling is common to find tourism-related businesses such as hostels, restaurants, bars, in need of a brand new website or just renovate the one they already have, and here is when you creativity and business mind will come to action.


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