Native English speakers needed!

Native English speakers needed!


Native English speakers are needed in one of the most amazing destinations in Latin America, Colombia. Currently, the Colombian government implements a new program that aims to give university students the chance to have more contact with English speakers. Also, the program focuses on the cultural exchange. This means, Colombian students as well as the English Teaching Assistants will learn more about the foreign culture.

The main program’s target is to enhance Colombian students’ English level. The vacancy is for 30 assistants and they come from the United States mainly but Australians and British assistants can apply as well. The entities in charged of the program are Fulbright and ICETEX

If you are interested on visiting Colombia and you are a English native speakers, you can take into consideration this job. Spanish is not required and for sure you will learn at least some basic Spanish, it all depends on you. Assistants functions are the following:

  1. Attend and support Colombian teachers 18 hours per week for British assistants and 30 hours per week for American assistants.
  2. Design different kind of activities that promote the language and the cultural exchange. Assistants cannot work or offer any kind of service in a different place of the original university.
  3. Prepare reports when the tutor asks it for.
  4. Talk to the university, ICETEX and their concerned embassy about travels done outside the city. And, foreign trips are forbidden.

Requirements are not extensive and since your participation in activities take no more than 30 hours per week, you will have enough time to visit different places inside and outside the city. That is, there will be any excuse for traveling. Long trips, short trips, the Caribbean coast, the Pacific coast, there are multiple options for you.  

Since the program is developed in 13  cities such as Quibdó, Pereira, Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Ibagué, Girardot, Cartagena, Tunja, Medellín, Bucaramanga, Rionegro, Cali and Bogotá; you can choose the city that best fits your expectations. Remember you will live there during 9-10 months, so that you must read a lot about the weather, local culture, food, and all information you need to be sure about your choice. Nevertheless, if there is no vacancy for the city you had chosen, you can explore more options.

The payment varies according to the assistant’s nationality. Usually, the payment for English assistants is $650 per month but for American English assistants the payment is higher, $900 per month. In some cases it could be higher, it depends on the Dollar’s price. Payment is done in Colombian Peso (COP).  

Image courtesy of Micah Sittig at
Image courtesy of Micah Sittig at

It is also recommendable to visit the university web page and look for comments in assistants forums. Some universities have some special needs and it would be better for you to know them in advanced. Here below is the list of the universities you can work at:

Universidad Tecnológica del Chocó

Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira

Universidad del Magdalena

Universidad del Atlántico

Universidad del Norte

Universidad Simón Bolívar

Universidad de Ibagué

Universidad de Cundinamarca -sede Girardot-

Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia

Universidad de Boyacá

Universidad de Cartagena

Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia- sede Medellín-

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana,1&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Universidad Católica de Oriente- sede Rionegro, Antioquia-

Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia -sedes Bucaramanga y Cali-

Pontífica Universidad Javeriana

Universidad del Valle

Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios

Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina

ÚNICA- Institucion Universitaria Colombo Americana  

Universidad Antonio Nariño  

Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca

Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia  

Universidad Libre  

Universitaria Agustiniana

Visit Colombia and become an English language assistant. The best job for traveling Colombia option.


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