What to Know before a Job Interview


When you arrive at a job interview, your interviewer will expect you to have a certain level of knowledge about the company and the position for which you’ve applied. Not having done your research sends a number of negative signals, ranging from a lack of interest in the position to laziness. So, before you head in for your interview, make sure you can answer the following questions:

How does the company defines its mission?

Part of your job as an employee will be to understand the core values that guide the company for which you work. Many organizations post their values and mission statements publicly, and knowing what the company’s goals are can help you explain how you’ll assist the company in attaining them.

Can you describe the company’s culture?

Learning about the culture of a company can be more difficult, as it’s often not spelled out concretely. Nevertheless, culture matters a lot to many businesses, and it should matter to you as well. Try checking out a company’s social media feeds for behind-the-scenes pictures or accounts, or look at websites like Glassdoor.com where people describe their employers.

Are there any new developments in the company’s field?

You need to keep on top of events in your industry throughout your job search. If you’ve fallen behind, take a moment to catch up on what the company’s competitors are doing. You should also know what outside events may be affecting the industry.

What is the company’s most recent accomplishment?

Businesses often put out press releases announcing their new projects or celebrating their successes. Having knowledge of what the company has been up lately to can help you demonstrate your enthusiasm for the position and potentially help you understand the company’s needs better. Just be judicious about how you use your research. Questioning the company’s decisions or bringing up a negative news item can be a quick way to scuttle an otherwise-promising interview.


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