Know All The Secrets To Becoming A Traveling Filmmaker

Know All The Secrets To Becoming A Traveling Filmmaker


Being a filmmaker requires a passion for telling stories and transporting your viewers to the universe where those stories take place. It is no easy task to transform emotions into images and to paint a clear picture of what you want to convey.

The job of the filmmaker is not easy at all, but it continues to baffle the mind that some lucky individuals get paid to travel the world with their cameras, film exotic destinations, meet some of the world’s most interesting people and all of this while doing that which they love most.

Here at Royal Holiday Jobs, we show you some of the coolest jobs for travelers. In this article we will focus once again in the world of media creation, taking a look at one of the world’s most interesting jobs, especially when combining it with traveling.

There are many ways to break into the business of traveling or adventure filmmaking. You might work for a big channel’s production department like in the case of HBO or National Geographic, or you may do it at a smaller scale like the folks at who found a way to make their business profitable while at the same time bringing viewers something completely new and fresh to watch.

Mark Shea, the lead director, is a man who has been making films for over 20 years and traveled around more than 50 countries. In an interview to another website dedicated to online education, he talked about what it’s like to live this lifestyle and how real stories are what inspires him to continue making films.

Many filmmakers enjoy focusing on the human aspect of traveling. is famous for their documentary series “Meet the Locals” in which they interview a local person from a destination, to see what their life is like. This type of approach seeks to dispel the myths that are usually associated with certain places in the world. They want people to stop thinking of Africa as a continent of war and hunger and the Middle East as a place that only produces terrorists and oppresses women.

Meeting the local population at their home turf can give filmmakers some real insight on the “domestic experience” and take off their “tourist goggles” for a minute to experience what the real life is like in some of these places. Bars, restaurants and local places where people hang out and spend their time are great spots for inspiration, to socialize and to enrich your own traveling experience while you work.

Some tips to take up this line of work.

One of the greatest things about the technology of today is the democratization of possibilities for exposure. Years ago, it was impossible to the world to see your work unless you had connections with TV networks or worked directly for them. Today, all you really need is a YouTube account or your own website to start making a profit out of your video work. It seems like the only real requirement is to have quality content, and that is something great for both the filmmaker and the public.

Keep your gear to the basic necessities. Less is more when it comes to working out in the field. There are situations that will require some extra equipment, but unless you have a big crew with you or dedicated transportation, make sure that you can carry everything you need on you. Having less equipment forces you to get creative and grow as an artist.

Image courtesy of Donald Tong at
Image courtesy of Donald Tong at

Research and prepare accordingly. Your camera gear is not the only equipment you’ll need on your adventures. Make sure you have the appropriate clothing and gear you are going to need. Research your locations thoroughly before you get there and avoid costly and time-consuming last minute adjustments.

Think outside the box. Go for the beauty that everyone is missing. Go for the shots that other aren’t trying. Find the story that nobody else dares to follow. Think about how many travel programs and documentaries the media exposes us to. Is there anything else to tell? Is there a more compelling story? Go for the human element, you will be surprised by the fact that everyone has a story to tell.

The story should always come first. Always advance your stories and don’t get carried away by the location. Pictures of Thai beaches are all over the Internet; it has been done and is not interesting. Beautiful cinematography is a great way to capture people’s attention, but the story is the only thing that will keep them coming back for more.

Maintain your equipment properly. Depending on the place where you are working at, you must consider different things. Climate plays an important role on your maintenance decisions and it is very easy to forget because most people are used to keeping their equipment at home were is nice and dry. Losing your equipment due to poor maintenance is frustrating and it will seriously put a dent on your progress.


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