Jobs you can apply for in a luxury yacht

Jobs you can apply for in a luxury yacht


Surely, if you are a daring and bold person, you have thought of ​​working on board a luxury yacht or a private boat that crosses the seas and needs a crew.  There are many travelers who use this type of work to visit other places and earn some money at the same time.  If you are lucky enough to become a crew member aboard one of these huge, splendid yachts, you’ll have quite an adventure, for sure.  However, you should know that the search for work on board a private yacht is no easy task and work schedule can often be really hard.

The 4 main positions aboard a private yacht are:

  • The deckhand who is expected to have boat maintenance and navigational skills.
  • The cook who must be able to offer the best dining experiences many yachts owners are willing to have.
  • The engineer who needs to be expert in electrical and plumbing engineering.
  • The housekeeper of the yacht who will be in charge of making sure everything is always neat and clean.

This positions are expected to be filled by professionals with prior experience.  In addition, if you to want to apply for one, you need to take a safety course for yachts.  Another major requirement you must accomplish, if you want to be a competitive candidate, is speaking English, for all positions; secondary languages like Spanish, French, German, Russian and Italian are ​​very useful as well.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Antibes, France and the Canary Islands, among others, are three of the most important and biggest places where you can find yachts.  However, just going to one of these places and staying there for while may not guarantee that you will find a position.  You want to go there at the right time of year, get to know the area first, find out what the job opportunities are and even make some contacts.  

  • The first thing you can do is to search through crewing agencies; this way you can get information about captains, different yachts and what the options are to join a crew to go on board with them. 

    Image courtesy of Moiggi Interactive at
    Image courtesy of Moiggi Interactive at
  • The second and most effective thing you can do is to search at the very port.  You should wake up early in the morning, go to the docks and walk around.  Ask people you find there if there is any job vacancy they know of, and, if there is, introduce yourself to the person in charge of the process and hand out your CV.  However, don’t get pessimistic in case they say there is no vacancy at the moment.  Check out if they need workers for some days either for repair, construction, painting, polishing or just cleaning the boat.  This will be a great opportunity to be more in touch with the world of that port; you’ll have the chance to meet people and you’ll be closer to finding your place on a yacht.  In addition, you will get paid for these services which will help you keep afloat as you continue your search for a permanent position on one of these boats.

    Another option for you to meet and interact with yachtsmen is going to stores or restaurants nearby the port and building relationships with them.  This is the right moment to take all your skills to make friends!  It is important to bear in mind that yacht owners tend to hire people they like and feel they can trust as they might end up spending a lot of time together on the boat.  You can have more chances if you wear casual clothes and if you are a friendly, outgoing, well-spoken and trustworthy person.

  • The third thing you can do is to search through Internet which is a more popular option in recent times.  You can find job offers on yachts over the world.  However, if you want to live a real adventure, you better follow the option described before.  Perhaps, you will even have more possibilities.You might feel exhausted and frustrated carrying out this process, but if you keep your motivation and positivity up, you will undoubtedly get a job as a crew member.  It is worthy!  Depending on the yacht, you will have the chance to sail and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. Additionally, you can even save money as working on a yacht includes room and food.

    Even if this is the work of your dreams, it is advisable for you to bear in mind other no so nice aspects of the job. Sometimes it can be difficult and tiring.  You may experience dizziness and discomfort due to the constant balance of the yacht and you must also adapt to all situations as you will be sharing a small place with others.

    Yachting, as a lifestyle, is not for everyone.  Whether it is for you or not, you need to recognize that it is a great option when someone wants a change.  This adventure will definitely change anyone’s perceptions, way of thinking, making decisions, and life itself.



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