Jobs to Look for in 2015


A number of organizations make predictions about job prospects over time. The Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps an eye on the economy for the U.S. government, while companies like Glassdoor and CareerBuilder do the same thing for the private sector. In 2015, fields ranging from marketing to information technology are expected to grow. Keep an eye on the following jobs if you’re looking to enter a growing field in the next 12 months:

– Data scientist. Data scientists rake in more than $100,000 a year at the median salary level, and the vast majority of them believe their field is growing.

– Truck driver. Truckers don’t make as much as data scientists, but their field has grown by 9 percent over the last four years. Career Builder reports that it has an average gap between job postings and hires of over 110,000 positions per month.

– Web developer. Career Builder has seen an astounding 17 percent growth rate in web developer positions over the last four years and reports a gap in postings-to-hires of over 15,000 positions per month.

– Physician’s assistant. If you want to go into medicine without undergoing the rigors of medical school, consider becoming a physician’s assistant. PAs make a median salary of $90,930 and usually undergo two years of full-time study before getting a job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects 38 percent growth in the field by 2022, as health care providers increasingly ask PAs to care for patients and help with surgeries.

– Dental hygienist. Hygienists are expected to be in great demand soon, with growth projected at 33 percent by The Bureau of Labor Statistics over the next several years. Hygienists, who make a median salary of $70,210, must be licensed by the state in which they work.

– Environmental engineer. As companies increasingly look to hire people to prevent environmental problems, the field of environmental engineering is expected to grow. Environmental engineers, who are required to have a bachelor’s degree, earn a median salary of $80,890.


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