Job Search Pitfalls to Avoid


A job search is full of potential wrong turns. You might take the advice of the wrong person or service. You might make a simple mistake on a resume or pursue a strategy that makes sense at first glance but that experts have determined works poorly or not at all. To make sure you don’t accidentally damage your chances of landing a job, try to avoid the following job search pitfalls:

Applying indiscriminately.

Given how easy it is to apply for jobs online, it might seem like your best chance of landing a position is to spread your resume around wherever you can. However, the job search is about quality more than quantity. You’ll have more luck by applying to fewer jobs and putting more effort into each application.

Not following the employer’s guidelines.

Some employers have specific procedures they want you to follow when applying to work for them. Make sure you read every part of a job posting carefully before applying, or you might end up disqualifying yourself by breaking the rules.

Failing to customize your resume.

Tweak your resume to highlight how your experience and qualifications meet the needs of each employer to which you apply. Not doing so can hurt your chances.

Forgetting to research.

You need to credibly demonstrate your enthusiasm for the position, and in order to do that, you need to research the company. If you can’t comfortably explain what the company does before you get to the interview stage, you might be in trouble.

Not cleaning up your online presence.

Before you start applying for jobs, type your name into a few search engines and see what comes up. Employers will likely find anything potentially compromising or controversial attached to your name.


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