Is there Something special you know? Become an online teacher and travel

Is there Something special you know? Become an online teacher and travel


Our most recent post discussed some online jobs you could take while traveling. The only condition for you to take those jobs is to have access to internet and that is all. The suggested jobs for you to take into consideration were the following:

Copywriter for people whose creativeness allow them to create scripts as well as written content for different purposes.
Ebook writer that is the perfect job for people who like reading and create stories or maybe advising other to write their books.
Blog programmer that is a job ideal for people who have some programming skills and can fulfil clients expectations. Social Media Management that needs people that know and understand how social medias work.
Website Design that challenge people’s imagination and abilities to make things look more attractive and easy going.  And Online Teaching that is the main topic of this post.

Before fostering on Online teaching, do not miss our previous post. It could happen that your online job is not teaching but one of the others jobs there mentioned. Check our “Online jobs: how to earn money while you travel the world post.

“With online programs, stay-at-home parents can prepare for future careers, new students can work to earn money to pay for their tuition and those who lack mobility can receive an education with minimal discomfort. Online teachers make these things possible.” States one the most visited employment websites in the United States.  

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Image courtesy of Ingo Bernhardt at
Image courtesy of Ingo Bernhardt at

What are the requirements to become an online teacher?

Online teacher have at least a bachelor’s degree. This is why some university students are also online teachers. Nevertheless, it is not that easy since you need to pass some exams in order to show you are competent in the subject you are planning to teach. As long as the subject requires more expertise, requirements for candidates are more complex. For instance, if you want to be teacher in an university program, may be they will ask you to possess a master’s degree and some experience with virtual programs.

On the other hand, if you want to be a language teacher, the most common requirement is to be a native speaker of the language you want to teach as well as having a good English level. Usually, they ask you to certificate a C1 English level if you are not a English native speaker. Furthermore, some companies do not hire university students but professionals in language teaching or professionals in linguistics or literature fields.

What kind of subjects are taught online?

This is the most positive aspect of online teaching. If you have an ability, skill or talent, you can teach it because there is no restriction about what to teach. Think about this, if there are online P.E. (Physical Education) courses, what you can teach of course is valid!

It is true that certain kind of subjects such as languages, maths, sciences, are more common than music or arts but at present there exist a lot of virtual universities that do not focus on languages or sciences only. They have different kind of programs thus, Don’t worry if you are talented in something uncommon. You will find a teaching vacancy on what you know to do, it just will take you a little bite more time to find it.  

Where could I look for virtual teaching vacancies?

Finding a virtual teaching job is difficult at all. Just google “online teaching job” and you can obtain around 103,000,000 results. There are plenty of employment sites out there that are virtual-job friendly, to save you time and help you on your search, the editors at have compiled this list of the 7 best sites. You can also visit their webpage here and look deeper for the information they have there.

  1. HigherEdJobs
  1. Inside Higher Ed
  1. The Chronicle of Higher Education

Job Search Engines

  1., SimplyHired.com,

Big Online University Websites

  1. Jobs and Careers Pages of Online Universities

Online Teaching Job Boards

  1. Adjunct Professor Online:
  1. Get Educated Job Boards

How much do virtual teachers earn ?

Average Online Teacher salaries for job postings nationwide are 7% lower than average salaries for all job postings nationwide. It is estimated that online teacher’s’ salary is around $54,000. And, if you are traveling in a Latin American country or even an Asian country, this money will guarantee a very good trip.


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