If you want to travel, here are some of the jobs you can take

If you want to travel, here are some of the jobs you can take


Do you want to travel and get paid for it? These jobs can make your dreams a reality, if your dream is to work and travel a lot.

Traveling the world and earning money at the same time is the dream of many. But it is not as complicated as you think. Just have a look at these jobs and, if you still can, consider a change of career. We guarantee that you’ll travel around the world and see it with a different view.

  1. Photographer

Photographers are known for always capturing the best views and the most beautiful images, and not all of them travel. But if you have a good eye for detail and you know how to publicize and sell your images, you could easily live off of photography as you travel the world.

  1. Archaeologist

Archaeologists travel the world in search of new discoveries, and this mission can lead them to truly remote and beautiful places. What’s more amazing than to explore foreign lands while discovering lost cultures and ancient sites?

  1. Musician

It is not easy to make a living by making music, but if you make it, you’ll get a chance to travel the world like nobody before. Whether it’s on the bus that takes you on tour or on a private plane from one city to another, pursuing music has its advantages when it comes to traveling.

  1. Road manager on a tour

Musicians can not handle the assembly of a show by themselves, so backstage are the workers that make every tour magical. It may not be as glamorous as the life of a rock star, but the roadies and managers have all the advantages of working and traveling, without having to perform in front of anyone.

  1. Flight attendant

Flight attendants spend their days in the air, but they also have the opportunity to explore new places when they are on a break. And, of course, it’s free! A perfect job if you want to travel a lot.

  1. Google Street View Car Driver

To get this job you’re probably going to have to know someone influential, and coincidentally there must be a vacancy available, since driving a Google car to map new regions is not even advertised as work. However, if you succeed, you will be able to enjoy driving on the world’s roads while Google pays you. And you will see places that few have seen before.

Image courtesy of John Karakatsanis at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of John Karakatsanis at Flickr.com
  1. Travel guide

Do you want to travel for free and also get paid for it? Then become a tour guide! The only bad thing is that this work requires great organizational skills and sociability, because you’ll have to move a large group of people from one side to another and, at the same time, get them to enjoy the trip (and endure their complaints if there’s something they don’t like). But one thing is true: if you like traveling, it will surely be worth it and you’ll totally enjoy the experience.

  1. Software specialist or freelance programmer

All you need is a computer, an Internet connection and your suitcase to do your job from anywhere in the world. Picture yourself coding on a remote, sandy and sunny beach. As if this were not enough, developers are usually paid well, wherever they go.

  1. Sailor, captain or crew member

Working on a cruise or on a private boat means a lot of work and effort, often having to deal with a sea that is rougher than you’d want. But it also means a lot of traveling to many different places. We can’t deny it is a quite attractive option!

  1. Hotel tester

One of the best jobs on the planet could very well be “tester” of hotels. Travel the world enjoying all the amenities of hotels. It is somewhat difficult to get this job, but it sure is one of those jobs from which you’ll never want to retire.

  1. Actor

Whether you’re a star of the stage, the small screen or the movies, a life of acting and the performing arts can take you to some of the most beautiful corners of the globe, often for weeks or months. An offer that is impossible to resist.

  1. Journalist

If you love writing, then becoming an international journalist is one of the best options you have to travel and discover the world. From covering music festivals and concerts to the best red carpets, journalists get to see some of the most interesting places in the world at its best (or worst) time.

  1. Documentary filmmaker

The world is full of amazing stories and if your thing are moving images, then be (or become) a documentary filmmaker can be your key to the world. From YouTube to Vimeo, people always go in search of new stories and videos that show them how beautiful our planet is.

  1. Diplomat

An international life, full of intrigue, is what those who become diplomats abroad get to enjoy. In addition to representing their nation, they end up making a few trips.


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