How to travel the world and get paid writing about it

How to travel the world and get paid writing about it


What does it means?

Having a world travelling job is a dream for a lot of people, and being a Travel Blogger is one of those dream jobs. However, travel blogging requires a tremendous amount of work, as well as a tremendous investment of time and effort before you begin to see any benefits. Writing in the blog is just a small part of being a travel blogger, the rest is spent reaching out and responding to potential advertisers, editing photos, editing videos, assembling promotional materials, pitching travel and tourism contacts, writing for other sites, Facebook group networking, tweaking site design, tracking financials, reading other travel blogs, and maintaining a presence on social media. Your travel blog is your life.

Be prepared to work with no revenue from the blog at first. For example, you should add some income from other jobs, like working in hostels while you travel. The general rule is that you shouldn’t expect money for the first year. It’s important to have savings and diversify your income as much as possible, and no matter how you make your money, chances are that you will be part of the large group that needs multiple sites in order to make a living. And because at the beginning you will be short on funds, you need to plan for living cheaply. For most professional travel bloggers, it takes a long time to earn enough income to live on in North America or Western Europe, which is why so many travel bloggers live in cheap countries.

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Image courtesy of Pete at

So how to make money?

You can get paid in a variety of different ways. From advertising on your blog, social media consulting and managing, sponsored social media campaigns and sponsored blog posts, ongoing campaigns as a brand ambassador and strategic paid partnerships along with the occasional paid press trip.

Avoid being the average general blogger, scratching just the surface of many things. Instead you should find your niche and become an authority in it. You need to give plenty of reasons to potential readers, for them to choose you over Lonely Planet, Wikipedia or Tripadvisor. The point of a blog is to share your voice and your opinion, and you are never going to build an audience, writing the exact same thing that hundreds of other people have already said.

Set a real but prolific goal. You must keep working on your blog and posting new articles each week to maintain a high retention rate of new readers. This is also important for your potential advertisers on the blog. The more you write, the better you write. The more you write, the more you realize what works and what doesn’t work with blogging. Also, you must spend some time in the comment section of your posts. The readers become more engaged when they feel they are part of it.

Finally, Royal Holiday suggest that you join Travel Blog Success to get valuable blogging tips. This site will help you take your travel blog to the next level. There you can learn about how to make industry contacts, improve your search rankings and SEO, and how to pitch brands and tourism boards to monetize your travel blog.

Tips for making it a reality

Being a professional means this is something that generates an income, and that you are in this for the long term, and can be expected to deliver a professional level of service to both your readers and any clients that you might have. And to achieve that, first you need to build an audience, because readers first and money later. To build it, here are some valuable tips:

You need strangers to read your travel blog, and to get them you will need to provide something more useful. Budget travel tips, food recommendations, and details on what to do or where to stay, photography inspiration, video entertainment, and beautiful flowing narrative are examples of useful content. The key is to travel where you want while also providing something of value to your readers about those places, give people what they are asking for.

Stay active on social media. This is important but it can be a huge time consuming activity, so don’t waste hours and hours there. Be social on social media, which means actively responding to comments, and sharing other people’s content if you think your followers will enjoy it.

Become your own public relations agent. Market yourself to the masses by securing features in major media outlets. Travel blogs have small audiences compared to what major media outlets have. You need to actively pitch your story rather than wait around for someone to notice you.

Use search engine optimization. Tweak your content to optimize it for search engines like Google. Spend some time learning how to master it for yourself. Or hire a professional to help out.


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