How To See The World And Make A Living As A Tour Guide

How To See The World And Make A Living As A Tour Guide


Making a living as a tour guide is one of the most popular positions today in the world of traveling as you work. There is a lot of demand today in the market and companies are hiring people to work as tour guides covering all expenses from room and board to meals and health insurance while giving you the opportunity to see the world. In a job like this you don not need money to travel, you actually get paid to do it.

These positions, like many others we explore here at Royal Holiday Jobs, are meant for those who love to travel, get involved with sports and physical activity, like learning about new cultures and enjoy meeting new people and places. Trips all around the world need tour guides to take care of many aspects that ensure people a pleasant experience as they explore new destinations. Having great people skills, being able to work for a crowd and knowing the location well, makes it so people can simply worry about enjoying themselves knowing everything else is taken care of.

Becoming a cycling tour guide

Many people around the world dream of traveling and seeing new places; some of them get to do while others aren’t able due to financial inability to afford traveling for leisure. There is, however, a large quantity of people dedicated to the tourism industry as guides, and lately as cycling tour guides. Biking and tourisms are two activities that go hand-in-hand with this new type of urban exploration that is becoming more and more popular all over Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, The United States and some countries in South America like Chile and Peru.

Not everyone can do this type of job. There are certain fundamental pre-requisites in order to be able to work as a cycling tour guide. First of all, you must have experience with bike riding, hiking, and other outdoor sports. Second, you must be very familiar with the locations where you work. You must know about the culture, history, traditions and other factors that will allow you to offer your customers an enriching experience when visiting. Another important requirement to keep in mind is the ability to speak from than one language, and one of those being English obviously.

Travel, Work, and Pedal.

Image courtesy of Tejvan Pettinger at
Image courtesy of Tejvan Pettinger at

Seeing the world as you work is an adventure that only a few are lucky enough to have. Being able to exercise and ride around on your bike as you do it makes it so much better.

One of the best advantages of this type of tourism is the close proximity you can have to the routes that take you from point A to point B and the freedom to make stops wherever you feel like it, take pictures, enjoy the landscape and dig deeper into topics of history and culture.

Something important to keep in mind is that different crowds of people require a different type of services in order to fulfill their needs based on their age and physical condition for instance. Seniors may need for you to take them on short, flat routes that require fewer efforts while families may need more stops in order to accommodate their needs, especially if they are traveling with small children. Fit travelers may pose a challenge for you if you aren’t exercising enough yourself.

Companies offering cycling tour guide services.

If you think this is the job for you and you believe you have what it takes, then there are a number of companies out there looking for a person like you today.

Trek Travel: This American company offers travel packages for cycling tourism in many countries around the world. Their most popular destinations are places around North and Central America, Europe and Asia. They are known for offering customers an unforgettable experience with their great service and unparalleled expertise.

They have great quality bikes, the best designs according to the local terrain and topography in order to offer their clients the best of the best in every way possible.

Their processes for selecting tour guides are rigorous and they must pass several tests and exams before they are hired. They are required to train constantly and stay in great shape.

The routes offered to clients vary in difficulty depending on the areas they may want to visit.

VBT: Another American company dedicated to cycling tours since 1971. They also offer trekking tours around the United States and internationally to places like Vietnam, South Africa and many countries in Europe. Both Walking Tours and Biking Tours are designed for all type of tourist to enjoy, you don’t have to be an Ironman to enjoy their services and have fun while doing some exercise. They also accommodate people with disabilities and offer inclusive services so they can also be part of the fun.


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