How to Make It Online as A Freelance Designer

How to Make It Online as A Freelance Designer


If you are looking to travel the world, but you obviously need a way to generate some income there are tons of ways that you can become location-independent. If you are a designer, you can actually pick and choose what you’d like to do. If you are just getting started and want to know how you can earn money while you travel you can read all about it on the Royal Holiday Blog. Now, saying designer is a very broad term, so first let’s break that down and see if you fit the category. A designer is basically a persona who dedicates their time to designing and creating tangible or intangible products, games, services, experiences, objects or even laws. Designer are needed in almost any field as the creative who can dream it and put it on paper. Designers could work in fields like architecture, costumes, games, furniture, jewelry, packaging, sound, and web. Now within these fields that are even more divisions that designer could be a part of. Let’s take Web Design for example, you could have user experience (UX), graphic designer, web developer, copywriter, SEO specialist, and user interface (UI). Designer could work in a variety of companies as well. Almost all types of companies require at one point or another someone to help them design something that they want their consumers to buy, be it a service or product. Of course, Internet and software development companies, advertising firms, television studios and video production companies, and corporate branding and consultation. Designers, which are really no different from an array of other careers, are turning to freelance job opportunities rather than looking for full-time jobs at companies. As designers you will actually find lots of different job opportunities as freelancers, but you’ll need to make sure you keep in mind a few things:

Get yourself out there

The only way to get more customers is to get yourself on online platforms, with your portfolio. Yes, it may seem daunting to compete with other designers, especially when they are charging rates starting at $3. But, at the same time you have to remember that there are also those who have an amazing portfolio that stands out and charge up to $150 or higher the hour.

Join contests

Besides joining different online platforms, keep an eye out for designer contests. This is obviously more of a risk, but it could pay off in more ways than one. You could walk away with the prize and the recognition. Those bragging rights will for sure help you on your way to making a name for yourself online.

Dust them off

Using old designs that were never used is another passive income that you could consider. By placing them in different marketplaces, you could make some extra cash. You could dust off those fonts, logos, web designs, etc. that you designed way back when. Some marketplaces that you could look into are: Graphic River, Graphic Leftovers, Creative Market and Theme Forest.

Put thoughts into words

Designers have lots of creative ideas all the time, so putting those in a book or ebook could turn into a profitable idea. By doing this, again you are not only creating an extra passive income, but also branding yourself as a thought leader in your field.

Sell your ideas

Besides just designing for other people, you could also create your own products and sell them on platforms like Etsy.

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Image courtesy of OVAN at


When you are getting started, it is all about who you know. You could find a blog to guest write on, or form strategic partnerships with other designers. Creating this network of designers will be essential to getting yourself out there and generating more income for your new freelancing business.

Now, that you’ve gotten started here are some more ideas about how you can generate income when you are a freelance designer. Infographics designers are needed more and more with the rise of using this format to share information. You could even start working on the new trend of interactive infographics. Now, consider becoming specialized in a specific area and this narrowing down your niche in a way that your work can stand out more. Finally, encourage referrals among current and old clients. These new referrals will most likely bring referrals of their own and keep your business growing.

If as a creative person, you feel you want to do something different from designing you could always turn to another career path, you also have plenty of options. You could get become advertising & promotions managers, art directors, film and video editors, fashion designers, multimedia artists and animators or photographers. Use your creativity freely and find the right career path for you, while all the while being able to work from anywhere in the world. Take advantage and once you’ve settled in to your location-independent lifestyle, check out the amazing places you could visit around the world with Royal Holidays.


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