How to Become an Online Radio Host and Travel the World?

How to Become an Online Radio Host and Travel the World?


The love of music and the need to share your ideas may just be all that you need to get your own space on the online radio. When you’ve got something to say, you could definitely find a voice on the radio, and find ways to generate income while being able to travel and live anywhere in the world. There are many different professions and jobs that you can have that will allow you to travel, and you can read more about this on the Royal Holiday Jobs Blog, and one of these is being a radio host. Having your own radio show will give you a platform where you can discuss global issues, showcase a specific expertise and make an income when marketing your show. There is a great variety of different platforms that you can use a radio show for.

Business and Technology

With the spread of globalization and the rise in the need to market your business and find interactive ways to do so, many people need help in understanding where to begin. Making a talk show about how to go about setting up a marketing strategy online, and using technology to benefit your business will be essential. For those interested in making an income off their radio show, this will be the most important things to tackle and understand.

Arts and Culture

Through cultural and artistic events, crafts, performances, and blogs, many people have found a way to do make an income and follow their passion. This industry is growing more everyday, and finding a way to gain a platform where you can reach all of the art lovers will make for a good radio show.

News and Politics

Of course, news and politics will always be a topic of interest, and finding ways to report the news and share it in real time or from a specific angle will make the difference. The way people get the news has changed, and online radio has definitely become one of the easiest and most used ways to get the news.


A radio show can always be a platform to discuss topics of interest and religion is one way to share spirituality, beliefs, and religious information. This is another field that has transitioned over to the online domain.

Health and Wellness

Awareness about how we live our lives and how we take care of ourselves. Making a platform to share tips, recipes and other topics of interest that people will appreciate and follow you for. Health and wellness have become a lifestyle and if you become a thought leader this can definitely be a very good platform for you.


Although this is the more traditional ways of listening to music, today’s streaming and multiple channels allow to have many alternatives that cater to all tastes. This industry is growing more than ever and having this platform to share with other like-minded individuals will be a boost if you know how to mark the difference.

Love and relationships

Having a talk show where you listen to people, give advice and go over all the ins and outs of relationships, will most definitely be a good platform, if you’re good at it. People are always interested in finding a voice that understands them and can give real advice about how they should be handling certain romantic situations, or how to get through those tough ones.

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If you want to open your own radio show, first you’ll need to make up your mind about who you are and what you want to promote to others on your platform. From there, it will be about getting things in place to make it successful. If you’re serious about this, then consider getting the right equipment from the start like a good mic, any intro or closing music or software that you may need depending on the type of radio show. You’ll need to make sure you also have enough internet bandwidth, necessary servers and ideally a dedicated radio server. Another important consideration is always keeping in mind broadcasting and copyright law. Make sure that you are aware of what you can and can’t do, say or share on your radio show, because not doing your homework beforehand could land you into big legal issues. There are many different sites that can help you set everything up like Radionomy. One of the things that of course will be important will be creating revenue, so be sure to set up a plan. Advertising is one of the most common ones, and this will go hand in hand with how popular your radio show gets. Advertising could be anything from mentioning the product, commercials or live reads, or a banner on your site. You can also promote legal downloads of music and make a profit off the downloads. There are many alternatives and it will come down to how you want to promote your site and radio show.


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