Fun Opportunities In Shipboard Employment Aboard A Cruise Line

Fun Opportunities In Shipboard Employment Aboard A Cruise Line


When people talk about cruises and their voyages, one immediately thinks of elegance, comfort, pleasure and finesse. Those amazing trips allow us to see wonderful places full of peace and quiet moments of watching the ocean from the balconies of those huge ships. Whoever has had the chance to travel on a cruise ship, will tell you for sure that at times, one forgets they are inside a boat; this is mostly due to all the amenities like pools, casinos, dance clubs and more; designed to keep passengers entertained.

Having the chance to travel on a cruise as a crewmember instead of a guest may be a bit different in some aspects but it doesn’t take away from the fact that your job is taking you to faraway lands and giving you the opportunity to see the world, while you are ready to meet the needs of hundreds of passengers.

Seeing the world, meeting new people, trying new food and living a life on the move is a priceless way to work. You can find many different opportunities of employment on the ships; some are more technical than others and require more training while many of them easily translate from experience you may have received in the service industry like the jobs we will see next.

Kitchen Department

Members of the kitchen department must have many years of experience to work in a cruise. They must know a whole lot about international destinations and their cuisine. The handling and preservation of food supplies inside a ship takes a lot of preparation and excellent managerial skills. Traveling for weeks while serving food of the best quality and with the highest standards of presentation at all hours of the day and night is quite challenging and it takes experts to do it right. Kitchen works must speak English and the level of proficiency depends on their position within the crew and the company they work for. Positions in Kitchen and Restaurant Service include Chefs, Sous Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Cooks, Maître Ds, Assistant Maître Ds, Hostesses, Team Waiters and Team Head Waiters among others. Bartenders for example are some of the best positions held in these departments and wages plus tips are usually a great source of income.


For this position a person must have training and technical preparation in the area of photography along with a great attitude and motivation. Is important to be social and friendly with guests, especially children. The skills of a cruise ship photographer must be multiple and diverse so as to make guests feel they will capture their best moments on camera. Wages can be around $2,000 dollars/euros a month. Photographers usually work alongside an assistant who must also have vast knowledge in all matters of photography since they must supervise and assist with the maintenance and the performance of all equipment. An assistant makes around $1,800 a month.

Image courtesy of Royal Caribbean at
Image courtesy of Royal Caribbean at

Doctors and nurses   

Medical Chief

A medical license is an obvious requirement as well as lots of experience in trauma and cardiology especially. Experience of at least 2 years is usually required. The functions of a physician on board are those of maintaining the medical facilities in working order and supervise the work of other doctors and nurses on duty. The average salary of a medical chief could be around $4,600 – 6,400 dollars/euros a month.


Medical license, knowledge in the areas of trauma, cardiology and allergies are required. At least a year of experience is also necessary but it can be earned as they work in the cruise. Their functions are those of attending the needs of guests aboard as well as other crew members and employees. Their salary could be around $4,000 to $5,000 dollars/euros a month.

Nursing staff

Must have the corresponding title and two years experience in hospital work. Their responsibilities include attending guests, employees and crewmembers with medical procedures and general patient care as well as filing reports as instructed by the physicians. Average salaries are between $2,300 and $2,900 dollars/euros.  


They must be social and outgoing in order to mingle and show passengers a good time. Entertainers can be singers, dancers or pretty much any type of performers with exceptional skills and the ability to enchant a crowd. Is important for most entertainers to speak a couple of languages in most cases.

Excursion manager

Must have a professional title and great tourism experience. Their responsibilities are those of preparing, presenting and describing voyage information and managing off-boat excursions as well as on board activities and services. Excursion managers must have exceptional people skills as well as the ability to speak several languages and a vast knowledge of the countries visited. Wages depend on the type of contracts held and the experience of course.


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