Finding a Summer Job is not that difficult!

Finding a Summer Job is not that difficult!


Travelers whose purposes are to stay for a while in different places are aware about the importance of getting a job in order to cover all expenses. Hence, some companies as well as hotels or hostels hire them for seasons because this benefits both, the company and the employee. Accordingly, travelers have the option of working seasonally, those jobs are usually called summer jobs. Summer jobs are employments within a seasonal industry that operates mainly or solely within the summer. These seasonal industries belong to an economic sector in which the majority of operations take place during only part of the year, generally in the context of a single country or region. For instance, agriculture is limited by climate or other forces of nature. Or, the seasonality may relate to annual variations in human activity (for example, tourism, restaurants, some forms of manufacturing).

Season-workers spend either their summers or their winters working abroad for Tour Operators. The jobs are usually low paid, but accommodation is generally included. Other benefits season-workers enjoy is the free time they can have, discounts in the resort and the chance to learn a new culture. They can spend up to eight months abroad, and as a result, the job is often filled by those on a gap year, students, or those looking for a career break.

However, season-workers who work for family camping companies such as Canvas Holidays, Eurocamp, Camping Life and Keycamp may be somewhat unhappy being associated with the word Reps and so go by the traditional title of courier. Either way, it can be a good life, but there are times when hard work is required, usually on changeover days when everything needs cleaning. Also on many campsites owners insist that live tents are generally situated in the worse location such as next to rubbish containers or cesspits.

Season-workers for the above mentioned companies generally get to live in a tent for the summer. But, do not worry, those tents are big and have their own bedrooms. There is a least one tent that is used as the Live Tent. This is used for cooking and general socialising. This can be hard too depending on the location of the toilet blocks and water supplies. Some companies provide mobile homes for their couriers but not all.

Nevertheless, the best seasonal work comes with qualifications. Sailing Instructors and Ski Instructors enjoy an excellent lifestyle, compared to those just acting as reps, chalet maids, cleaners, cooks etc. If you have a special skill, you will get a better job  while traveling.  If you need some reasons why a summer job is the perfect option for travelers, have a look on the following reasons provided by the /  on their post
5 Undeniable Reasons You Should Work Abroad This Summer”

Image courtesy of Fronteras Desk at
Image courtesy of Fronteras Desk at
  1. It’s the easiest time to find a short term job

In the spring, employers everywhere are already preparing for the high season. Use the busy season to your advantage! It is more likely to find an internship over the summer than at any other time of the year.

  1. Your native language skills suddenly become an asset

You never realised that your ability to talk could be used to get you work experience, did you?

  1. Summer internships or jobs can be combined with studies

Students still have the luxury of a free summer; don’t waste that time! You’ll never have a similar opportunity again once you have a full time job!

  1. Your CV will glow with pride

It’s not all about enjoying yourself (although I guarantee that you will); your employability will be boosted by the numerous skills you will attain abroad. Employers will be impressed by your multicultural experience 🙂

Bonus: The extra effort you have to put into finding a job abroad and integrating oneself into a foreign environment will make all future job-related problems back home seem easy!

  1. Holiday destination = your place

Forget a week in the sun; how about a whole summer in an exotic location. Everyone will want to cut down their holiday costs by coming to visit you, and you’ll drift from party to party, holiday-shopping with friends and family. Who could ask for more?

There many other reasons why you should get a job when traveling or for traveling, it depends on your wishes! If you don’t know where to look for summer jobs, check these websites that are specialized in that field:


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