Find out the best jobs to travel and get paid

Find out the best jobs to travel and get paid


Most people have a natural wanderlust and desire to visit exotic places. Well, nowadays it’s become easier and easier to travel either for work or work while you travel. There are many different fields that may interest you and let you finally travel as much as your heart desires. Living out of a suitcase (or backpack) is not for everyone, but there are alternatives depending on how adventurous you are.

Athletic Scout

Making dreams come true for high school and college athletes, athletic scouts work for colleges and pro sports teams to acquire the best talent for their teams. They can either work full-time with one particular team or school or work as a freelance agent with various teams. In their search for the best talent they have to keep an eye out for the papers and news for any up and coming players. Once the research is done, they also have to travel the country watching games and seeing for themselves which players have what it takes. Being an athletic scout comes down to being able to know when you’re looking at talent.


Road crew members, or roadies, are the people that handle all of the lights, sound, engineers, riggers, stagehands and instrument technicians for a band while on the road. This one will take time, since you’ll probably have to scale up from hauling around amps to finally being able to take on a role you really want. Here, with w stroke of luck, you can even make it big with bands like U2.

Image courtesy of AKinsey Foto at
Image courtesy of AKinsey Foto at

Travel Tour Guide

If interested in this job, you need to know the city in and out, its history, culture and hidden secrets.  Beyond knowing facts, you need to know how to communicate with people, know how to make them feel comfortable. Additionally, you have must be prepared for the unexpected and understand how to react to emergencies or unexpected situations. If you’re planning to be a tour guide abroad then be sure to have at least one different language under your belt.  

Civil Servant

By representing U.S. interests abroad, you can work for the U.S. government and travel around the world. There are many job opportunities so independent of your background, you will most likely be able to find an opportunity to work in. Be sure you comply with all of the requirements so you can pass the security clearance process without any inconveniences. Be prepared for an in depth process, where they may even reach out to family members or friends.

Field service technician

If you’re lacking a degree and are still interested in traveling while you work, a field service technician may be the job for you. You can make house calls to fix or repair a variety of items that might be in need of repair. To apply you need a two-year associate’s degree and while you’re on the job you can continue training at most companies, so after a few years you’re most likely to be a very experienced and educated technician

Travel Nurse

Travel nurses, basically do the same job, but rotate from hospital to hospital filling open positions temporarily. As a nurse you have many options and take one either labor and delivery nurses, emergency room nurse and operating room nurse positions are in high demand and good, skilled and experienced nurses are hard to come by. Travel nurses usually work for companies that provide accommodations, travel stipend during transitions and competitive salaries that are usually higher than permanent nurses’. Just imagine traveling the world and helping people in every corner of the world.


As an archaeologist you’ll be able to visit places full of history and ancient civilizations. You’ll always have an adventure awaiting you, because although they are well-known for digging up priceless objects and finds, they actually do more than this. They also catalogue, restore and display collectors or museum items.  

Image courtesy of University Leicester at
Image courtesy of University Leicester at

Flight Attendant

This job is not only the opportunity to travel, but also to earn a pretty good salary. Even though many people think this job is limited to customer service, a flight attendant is actually a vital part of the enforcing all the safety and security measures. Some of the perks are being able to have a flexible schedule, along with additional opportunities if you know more languages.

Travel Blogger

Even though some may think this is way too difficult to actually be successful at it, that’s not necessarily true. The fact is you need to be constant and disciplined to get this job off the ground, but by simply starting to write, learning from the feedback you get from your audience, and adapting as you go along, you can be quite successful. This job will allow you to turn a passion into a job, even though it may start off as a writing for free activity.


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