How to Earn a Promotion


Finding a job can be difficult, but once you do, you can immediately start working toward a better one by angling for a promotion. Better positions within companies tend to come open over time, and if your career plan includes taking on additional responsibility and earning additional compensation, putting some thought into how to impress your superiors will be essential to reaching your goals.

In order to earn a promotion, you will need to gain the attention of your company’s managers and executives in a positive way. To do so, you will need to take some initiative. If you can identify a need or problem your company has, then solve it without being handed the assignment, your higher-ups are likely to see you as a leader. You may even end up taking the reins of the project you propose. When pitching your proposal, make sure the solutions you suggest are well-researched and deeply thought out. Become an expert on whatever problem you are tackling and investigate what has been to done to solve similar problems in the past.

Additionally, you should maintain a helpful and enthusiastic demeanor. It can be easy to sink into negativity once you have been in a job for a while, but doing so may also sink your chances to achieve a better position. Try to support your supervisor whenever you can, and make sure to listen to the people around you and continue learning and evolving as a worker. Managers value people who are dynamic and positive.

Make sure to keep track of your accomplishments and let your managers know about them as well. There is a delicate line to be walked between keeping too quiet and crowing too loudly, so try to make sure your achievement sharing is relevant. If you receive positive feedback from a client, for instance, send it on to your boss. Your supervisor will want to see outside evidence that you, and by extension his or her department, are doing a good job.


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