Diving Instructor: One Of The Greatest Jobs To Have If You Love To Travel

Diving Instructor: One Of The Greatest Jobs To Have If You Love To Travel


Here in Royal Holiday, we love showing you all the choices you have if you are thinking about combining your love for traveling with your actual way of making a living. We have talked about the most sought out jobs for travelers as well and a deeper look into a few jobs in particular.

Scuba Diving is one of the most amazing experiences you can undertake. Diving allows you to explore a new world full of life and vibrant colors, hiding underwater, waiting to be explored. Being a SCUBA diving instructor can be a dream job for those who love tropical destinations, having a job that requires a lot of physical training and passing down knowledge to others while allowing them to live the experience of a lifetime. The road to becoming a diving instructor is neither short, nor easy; but it sure is rewarding and full of adventure.

Ok, so where do we start? How does one become a Scuba Diving Instructor? Here we have it broken down for you so you can get on with it!

First things first

The first step to take is to actually learn how to SCUBA dive. There are different organizations worldwide that can certify you as a SCUBA diver such as NAUI or PADI, this last one being the most popular one.

An “Open Water Diver” certification is the first goal you should have on mind. The open water certification course can be completed in several different ways and it has varying course fees. There are options online, as well as personalized classes and pool sessions. The minimum requirements to sign up are simply to be able to swim comfortably in basic styles and to get a physician’s approval document that shows you are apt for diving. After finishing the theory and practical portion of the course, you must complete a total of four open water dives with a proper guide in order to obtain your certification.

What comes next?

The next step is to complete the Advanced Open Water Diver Certification. This course is all about polishing up the basic skills that you have learned, and taking you to the next level of your underwater adventure. The certification consists on extra learning material and five adventure dives. Underwater Navigation and Deep Diver are required dives, while the other three are optional among a list of possible choices that include Night Diving, Wreck Diving, Underwater Photography, and more. These dives can help you get a taste of all the different areas you can apply yourself as a diver, thus learn what interest you and what you may want to learn more about in the future.

Helping your fellow divers.

Now that you are an Advanced Open Water Diver, your next certification on your road to becoming an instructor is the Rescue Diver Certification. The rescue diver course is all about helping others in case of an emergency. Just understanding and knowing what to do in a dangerous situation, can make all the difference between life and death. These are some of the most important skills an advanced diver, as well as an instructor must know without a doubt. The course includes several pool rescue controlled exercises as well as four more open water dives that also include rescue scenarios. Additional or qualifying first aid and CPR training from another organization is also required.

Image courtesy of Eva Funderburgh at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of Eva Funderburgh at Flickr.com

The big leagues.

The next step for you at this point, is to enroll in the Divemaster Course, the first real step into making your career as a SCUBA DIVER.

In order to enroll into the Divemaster certification, you must have logged 40 dives to be accepted. This means that before you even enroll, you have to dive many times and acquire a lot of experience underwater. The Divemaster course will take you to log another ten more dives at least and prepare you to enter the industry of diving and getting you ready to take the next step to reach your title as an instructor.

Finally there!

You have almost made it. At this point, you will be getting ready to attend the Instructor Development Course by having held your Open Water Certification for at least six months and logged at least 100 dives. This is the opportunity to get out in the water and dive a lot, assist other divers and instructors and start getting a hang of things before jumping on the last challenge before you can become an instructor. The course is challenging but very rewarding, you must prepare classes, learn a lot of theory and also interact with fellow candidates that will most likely become your friends for life. The course ends with a two day Instructor Exam that will evaluate your skills and all the knowledge acquired during your journey.

Few things in life will give you such happiness and sense of accomplishment as completing your course and finally having your first students become certified.


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