Common Online Interview Mistakes


Preparing for an online video interview is similar to getting ready for an in-person or phone interview. There are a few hurdles unique to the video format that are used in many online interviews, and they can trip you up. If you have an online video interview coming up, avoid making the following common mistakes:

– Not cleaning up your background. The interviewer is not only going to see you, but also whatever is behind you, and they may infer things about you based on the background. Thus, you should ensure that the backdrop is professional and organized. Keep personal items like DVDs and perfume out of the picture, and clean up any messes. A bland backdrop, which forces the interviewer to focus on you, may be your best bet.

– Using bad lighting. Video interviews are often preferred over phone interviews because they offer the interviewer the opportunity to see you and learn a little more about you through that visual connection. However, if you sit in a dark place where the interviewer can’t see you clearly, then that benefit is lost, and the interviewer may become distracted while trying to get a good look at you. Try conducting a test run to make sure your lighting looks adequate.

– Having poor posture. It’s nobody’s business but your own if you slouch in front of your computer at home. But when it comes time for an interview, you need to sit up just like you would if you were in front of the interviewer in their office. A relaxed, attentive posture is best, and make sure not to crowd the camera by sitting too close to it.

– Trusting a bad Internet connection. If your Internet connection frequently drops out unexpectedly, you should find a better one to use to conduct your interview. An interviewer may not be willing or able to reschedule due to technical difficulties, so do your best to ensure that your connection won’t be a problem.


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