Common Interview Questions


Job interviews are widely considered to be stressful events, even for those who are used to the process. For beginners, job interviews can be even more difficult. One of the best ways to get ready for an interview is to spend time thinking about questions you might be asked. Doing so allows you to rehearse answers that will present you in a good light and make your interviewer think you are likely to be a good fit for the job.

Interview questions can be broken down into several categories. The interviewer will likely lead off with a few questions about you personally to break the ice, such as “Tell me about yourself” or “How would you describe yourself?” When answering, keep your statements and brief and focused on the job you are interviewing for. A potential employer is most interested in learning how your background relates to the work you want to do for them. Other personal questions may focus on your education or your reasons for wanting to work in the field in which you have applied for a job.

Employers will also ask you questions about your work history. In some cases, the questions will be generic, like “Give me an example of a time you solved a problem” or “Tell me about your experience in a previous position.” In others, interviewers may ask for more information about specific accomplishments or responsibilities listed on your curriculum vitae, why you left a previous position, or why you want to leave your current job. Be prepared to talk about instances in which you have shown leadership or initiative and contributed in a team setting.

The third major category of interview questions focuses on the job you are applying for. Your interviewer may ask why you want the job and why you chose their company to apply to. They may want to know why you think they should hire you and what you expect to find challenging in the position you want. Employers may also ask you about your qualifications, your expectations in terms of compensation, and your plans for the future.


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