Best Nice Jobs for Traveling the World

Best Nice Jobs for Traveling the World


If you daydream about traveling while working or working while traveling, you are not the only one. Actually most people do! However and sadly not everyone can have this joy in their lives. Working overseas is not a duty made for everybody. Apart from certain skills or bravery, strong mental health is required to partake in this challenging lifestyle. Here are some of the nicest jobs that allow, simplify or feature traveling abroad. Of course, some of them require certain background or experience on them, but it is mostly about being courageous and having a sharp mind.

Journalist / Writer / Blogger / Photographer

We have all seen or read journalists reporting right from the place where sudden news emerge. Many people ask how they manage to get there that promptly. Truth is they are usually travel reporters whose job is precisely to be in the place of news or to get there sooner than other colleagues. Not only is this job perfect for traveling, but also writing and/or picturing news overseas will make it easier to visit amazing places and to deepen culture knowledge in your spare time.

Suggested background, skills, knowledge: Writing skills, photography skills.

Flight Attendant

It is considered by many the best job suitable for traveling easily. Chances are, if you stay on a plane during your working time, you will reach touristic destinations as part of your job. Seen from a different perspective, you are getting paid for traveling. Usually flight companies pay well and give bonuses to their employees such as super cheap flight tickets and lodge, and schedule flexibility. Now you know why all flight attendants always have a sincere smile on their face.

Suggested background, skills, knowledge: Customer service, speaking at least two languages.

Food Picker

Depending on the country and the duties you are willing to do, there are companies offering job opportunities due to seasonal high-level production. Since we are dealing with seasonal work here, most of these jobs do not require any expertise whatsoever, but rather you will need commitment and energy for a few hours a day. Jobs vary from picking food and other products such as fruits, vegetables, and event flowers. Also, this kind of job will likely take you to get to know wonderful landscapes and nice people on the way.

Suggested background, skills, knowledge: Sund and dirt exposure.

Customer Service

Customer service involve many jobs waving between fulltime and part-time working. Cafés, restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, call centers, hostels, and hotels all constantly need customer service personnel. It usually demands partial time dedication, and it is generally well paid when contrasting effort and time spent. How to get such a job? There are two options. Either you look for customer service job offers on the internet before traveling, or you arrive in your next destination and start wandering on the most popular, touristic areas to find vacant signs. There surely will be several, and you will easily be hired.

Suggested background, skills, knowledge: Service vocation, late-nigh and/or under pressure work.

Image courtesy of Tom Heinze at
Image courtesy of Tom Heinze at

Au pair

One of the most famous programs to travel while working abroad is Au pair. Its flexibility to combine work and leisure at ease is key for its success overseas. Au pair dynamics are as simple and feasible as it sounds: work a defined amount of hours a week, get paid weekly, and use your weekend and spare days or vacation to visit other cities in the country you are in or even the nations nearby. This awesome initiative is addressed mainly to young adults between 18 and 30 years old depending on countries and families needing people to look after their house and children during the week or weekend. Even though many people think this works for female travelers only, many families accept and prefer male caregivers.

Suggested background, skills, knowledge: Service vocation, rudiments of local language and culture.

Personal tutor

No matter the country you want to visit, there are plenty of people out there wanting to learn something new. At the beginning you might think you have no skills to teach someone. Nevertheless, you should think again and consider your hobbies, for example. Knitting, dancing, playing an instrument, growing plants, and even biking or speaking a foreign language are all skills that people urge to learn. Do not hesitate to post a sign strategically depending upon your offer and according to the target public, and await for a bunch of calls. There will certainly be many!

Suggested background, skills, knowledge: your hobbies!

Perhaps you know or have heard of other jobs that allow traveling. That is exactly what broadens chances to get on the road and visit incredible destinations. The best part is that you will earning instead of spending money. Plus, you will be gaining valious working experience in a foreign country, which will improve your curriculum vitae in a tremendous manner. Therefore, do not give up your dreams of traveling, but pack your bags now!


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