Become A Movie Extra and Travel the World

Become A Movie Extra and Travel the World


You can travel the world with tons of different odd jobs, but have you ever considered being a movie extra. That’s right, lots of western extras are needed in foreign films and you could jump from movie to movie being an extra and travelling the world, even practicing the language, or simply getting to know the culture, and art through their films. The roles of movie extras can very from pedestrians shopping while something is occurring in the foreground, to astonished audiences in an amazing performance, or even just part of the crowd in a huge stadium scene. The good thing about being an extra is that you don’t have to be a heartthrob or the next unknown Oscar winner, it’s literally something anyone could be. It’s actually encourages to have people of all ages, sexes, and cultures to make the scene look believable. Of course, if you have some previous acting experience it could definitely move you up from being pedestrian number 4 who stares at the scene to maybe even asking a quick questions or reacting to something that is occurring. In places like Bangkok or India, they are usually happy to hire foreigners for small roles or extras. Not only are movies produced by local studios, but by American ones as well, who are setting their movies in places like Vietnam and travel all of their cast on location. Bollywood, of course is the big up and coming movie city, so that’s is definitely a place you’ll want to get to as some point. Of course, there are tons of bizarre jobs out there that you can look into on the Royal Holiday Blog, but being a movie extra can be quite an interesting experience. Independent of where you go it will be important to go through a few important details that will help you on your way to becoming a successful movie extra.  

Get on people’s lists

The first thing you want to do is join as many lists as possible in the area where you plan to travel to. Find out which agencies are in the region and start passing out your CV. Of course you have to be aware of which agency you end up with. Always do your homework.

Know what to look for

When trying to decide on which agency to stay with start with how long they’ve been around. Additionally, you’ll want to see how much work they’ve done in the past few months. It’s not just about how long they’ve been open, but how active they currently are. Once you done that, don’t forget to read carefully through all of the terms and conditions that they have in their contracts. With a good agency in the UK, for example you will probably get a job approximately every fifteen days.

Find out all of the conditions

When travelling around it will be important to check everything out and make sure you know the standards. Find out the average rates that extras get paid in the country you wish to travel to, not just for a day’s work, but for extra hours, special talents or even travel expenses.

Remember the basic do’s and don’ts

Like any job, it is important that you follow through on the basic do’s and don’ts. Always show up punctual and treat the job as something serious so be sure to turn off your phone, be silent on the set and follow all of the instructions. You should be available on short notice and look after whatever you are given as a costume or props. Of course, always show up and be professional. Avoid at all cost acting like a crazy fan when the big stars show up on the set.

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Image courtesy of erin at

Travel to the right places

Not every city will be ideal for getting work as an extra. Of course, Bollywood is at the top of the list, but it’s not alone. Make sure you look at your options and analyze where agencies have the most turn over.

Making it in Bollywood

As one of the biggest foreign movies industries it is definitely one you’ll want to explore when traveling the world. You’ll want to head over to Mumbai first, which was formerly known as Bombay and where Bollywood was born. They make at least 1,000 films a year, and we’re not talking about small productions either. Bollywood always goes big, with about 3-hour films and huge sets and dance scenes. So, if you really want to be discovered try giving Colaba Causeway a try. This is normal hunting ground for local agents, basically because this is a very popular shopping area for tourists. There you could also give the Leopold Café a try. Finally, it’s important that you are aware of what you’re getting yourself into. Expect long hours and poor pay. Also, always make sure to get shown ID from any agent trying to cast you. Finally, be sure not to forget the title of the movie, so you can find yourself later.


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