Accessories for Your Job Interview


What you wear for a job interview can have an outsized impact on the way your potential employer perceives you. For that reason, it’s important to carefully plan every part of your interview outfit, including the accessories you wear or carry. Consider the following when figuring out how to accessorize your interview outfit:

Go light on jewelry—You want your employer’s attention to be on you, not on your ears, arms, or fingers. So avoid wearing lots of jewelry or jewelry that dangles, and think about removing the rings from piercings.

Consider a leather portfolio—It’s a good idea to have a notepad and pen and copies of your resume on hand when you go into an interview. So, make sure that you have a stylish, professional portfolio in which to carry them. If you don’t want to invest in a leather portfolio, get one in faux leather.

Polish your shoes—If your dress shoes have seen a lot of wear, make sure you polish them before your interview. It’s not necessary to purchase a brand-new pair, but you want to make sure your shoes look like they’ve been well maintained. Check the heels of your shoes for excessive wear as well, as they can detract from an otherwise smart ensemble.

Make sure your belt matches—If you plan to wear a piece of clothing that has belt loops, you need to wear a belt to go with it. Always make sure your belt matches your outfit.

Take it easy on makeup and scent—Keep your cosmetics toned down for the interview. Women should choose subtle colors for nail polish, and everyone should consider avoiding perfume or cologne. The last thing you want is for your interview to be ruined by the fact that you wore a scent that made your interviewer sneeze or that reminded them of an unpleasant acquaintance.


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