7 Of The Best Countries In The World To Teach English

7 Of The Best Countries In The World To Teach English


There are more than 1.7 billion people in the world right now using and learning English. It is a known fact that the international job market for English teachers is very strong right now offering great opportunities in countries in Asia and South America. Being an English speaker is something that will open many doors for you anywhere you go, especially if you want to use your language skills as a means of making a living.

Traveling the world and being able to work in order to fund your travels is a dream come true to many. We have mentioned working as an English teacher before and highlighted the many advantages that come with the employment. For starters, compensation can be quite good if your language proficiency is certified and you have a knack for teaching. Another advantage is the fact that you need little or no experience at all in order to get started. People with better experience can get jobs that pay more obviously, but to get your foot on the door you need no teaching experience at all.

Teaching English is a great way to network, to meet new people, to build up your resume and to help others improve their quality of life by helping them enjoy the benefits of a language that opens so many doors.

So here we have, some of the best countries in the world to make a living as an English teacher and at the same time enjoy traveling and seeing new cultures.


China is a country of contrasts between the traditional and the modern, history and innovation, old customs and new friendships. When it comes to amazing places to see, you can hardly do any better than China. Being one of the most populous countries on earth as well as the one of the fastest growing economies, it comes as no surprise that China would be one of the best places to work as an English teacher.

South Korea

This small nation has transformed in just a couple of generations in a way that has left the world speechless. Koreans have a deep-rooted commitment to education and understand the importance of English proficiency to be competitive in today’s global market. It is said that around 25,000 English gain employment in Korea every year and the perks are quite nice. In some situations you may receive fully furnished quarters and health insurance.


The demand for English teachers in Spain remains today the strongest in Europe, so if the old continent is to you liking, you will feel right at home in Spain. The advantages are clear if you want to see Europe and eat some of the best food in the world. The biggest job market is in Madrid and if you want a fighting chance to get hired, you must be properly certified before even applying.


Brazil’s growing economy is making it one of the countries with the highest demand for English teachers in South America. Most hiring happens locally, so you must go down there prepared with all your certifications and enough money to last you a couple of months before you settle. Teaching is best paid in private schools, the tourism industry and also having private students in your off time. Brazil is a great place to live and one of the most beautiful countries on Earth.


It seems like all eyes are on Colombia lately. The country has been booming with activity and major companies as well as investors are looking a Colombia as the new growing economy of South America. In Colombia you can find cities with almost any weather or landscape that you prefer and they are all in great need of English teachers to train college students, business managers and all levels of executives.


Image courtesy of Moyan Brenn at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of Moyan Brenn at Flickr.com

Turkey truly is a crossroads of history and culture from the dawn of civilization itself. Out of all of East Asia, Turkey probably has one of the fastest growing markets for English teaching. Getting a job here can be done in advanced and from a distance, which makes it almost automatic to get a working visa if you are an English teacher. The cost of living is not too high, so you can save most of the money you make or you can use it to travel as much as you can and see some of the most fantastic cultural sites in the world.


Japan has always been one of the top markets in the world for English teaching. There are so many programs available and the process is so smooth that it will feel as if it was way too easy. Living in Japan is an experience like no other. Few countries can give you so much as Japan in terms of culture, learning, traveling, food and stunning natural beauty.

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