5 teaching jobs you can get anywhere in the world

5 teaching jobs you can get anywhere in the world


Versatility in terms of work is definitely something young people look for these days. The possibility to make changes in life that represent a personal development, the fact of meeting new cultures, new people, tasting new flavors, visiting new places is all part of what you can call “satisfaction” in a very special way. This way is mainly preferred by those who have chosen to live their life as travelers because that is definitely what they want to do and that is what makes them feel happy and complete.

There are other type of persons who have chosen a specific career to be the path for their development and happiness. Both decisions are perfectly fine and understandable. The detail that is important to take into account is that when you decide that traveling is definitely what you want to do, you also have to take into account that you will have to make a living out of something in order to make your traveling life sustainable.

In order to make the traveling lifestyle possible and sustainable there are many different possibilities of jobs that you can take or learn how to do, so you can keep on exploring the world, while you earn your money to afford living where you live and planning your next trip. In case you still don’t know exactly what you can do or what possibilities you have to achieve this, you can first think of what it is that people from any place in the world could need that at the same time you could offer them.

One thing is certain. People will always want to learn something and everyone will always have something to teach someone else. Therefore teaching something you do very well will always open new doors for you because that thing that you are good in, is for sure, something someone else wants to learn or practice.

Here is a list of the top 5 teaching jobs you can get anywhere in the world that will give you the possibility to make a living out of them because they’re something many people are interested in and are willing to pay for.

Yoga teacher

Yoga is one of those activities that have become so popular around the world that almost anywhere you go, you will find a Yoga Studio where you can become one of their part time teachers, depending on what Yoga Style it is that you practice. The advantage about Yoga is that people don’t necessarily have to complete a course or a number of sessions, unless they have already paid for it. This means that if you decide to be a Yoga teacher in South America, in North Ireland or in West Europe, you can actually decide how long you are willing to stay there and then hop on the next train or plane to get to your next destination with some money in your pockets.

Languages teacher

Whether it’s English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, or whatever other language it is that you speak perfectly and are able to teach, this kind of job will bring a good amount of opportunities around the world. It is not always easy to find native speaking people in the exact language people want to learn or language centers want to offer. So it will be very interesting for them to find a traveler that offers to teach his or her language and stay at that place for a while to make some money.

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Cooking teacher

Everybody likes to have a good meal, and almost everywhere you go there are people willing to learn how to cook. It’s just part of life and therefore Chefs can not only find a job at restaurants but they can also find or create their own jobs by teaching what they do best: cooking.

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Photography teacher

As long as there are great landscapes and beautiful moments to keep forever on an image, photographers will always have a special place in the world. Taking good pictures is not always that easy and as every art, it takes knowledge and technique to get perfect results. That is why teaching photography is a job you can almost anywhere if you think that is what you are really good at. The only attachment you will have as a traveler is the amount of days or weeks the course you are teaching takes.

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Scuba Diving Instructor

When scuba divers decide to take a vacation and get to a paradisiac destination with clear blue ocean water, the first thing they will want to do is to go scuba diving. It is very common to find foreign dive masters and scuba diving instructors in diving centers around the world because of the versatility this job represents. As a scuba diving instructor you can definitely plan a short or long stay at a diving location. You can either teach the courses you are good at teaching, or be the dive master and get in the water with the people that have to take a good dive. Scuba diving is not cheap so, there is a good opportunity here to make a profit out of what you like to do.

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