5 Of The Best Volunteer Abroad Programs For 2016.

5 Of The Best Volunteer Abroad Programs For 2016.


Volunteering is a very misunderstood path that is becoming more easily available and well as more popular every day.  People normally see the work volunteers do as a payless activity that while altruistic, it simply does not pay the bills.

Here at Royal Holiday Jobs, we like to show you all the possibilities you have at your reach if you are thinking about embarking in an adventure of traveling while you work and making your home, a paradise away from home. We know there are many different opportunities to work while you travel, but today we will look at something a little bit different from that we usually discuss here on the blog.

There is no shame in looking at the benefits that volunteering may offer you. A lot of the compensation that comes from volunteer work may not be strictly monetary, but it is quite valuable nonetheless, because it comes in the form of an exchange.

Giving to others when you able to, offers a sense of gratification that very few experiences can give. Learning a new skill or honing those you already possess while making the life of others better, is one of the many rewarding benefits you receive for volunteering your time to help those in need.

As volunteer work becomes more popular and widespread, the needs of the organizations that provide volunteering opportunities also become more sophisticated and demanding in terms of skill, training, experience and support.

Here we have some of the best volunteering opportunities this year with top companies that have all the necessary experience and support you will need to make the best out of your experience volunteering abroad.

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

Daniel Radcliffe established IVHQ back in 2007 after his own experience backpacking and volunteering in Africa changed him and urged him to get more involved in the world of volunteer work.

International Volunteer HQ is considered today, the best volunteer travel organization in the world operating in more than 30 countries. Their work strives to be ethical above all, and to bring prosperity and opportunities to the communities they intervene as a group. For them is very important to create programs that are built from the ground up, always maintaining the needs of the communities as their top priority by allowing local people to be in charge of the programs themselves. Their process for training and placing volunteers based on their skills and development assures that the fits are equally beneficial for the volunteer as much as for the local community where they will be working at.

Check out their webpage for specific programs and volunteering opportunities here.

Global Vision International (GVI)

Since Richard Walton created it in 1997, GVI has sent more than 20,000 volunteers all over the world to help out in tasks like construction, education, farm work, working with animals and much more. Global Vision offers opportunities in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Latin America, and even here in North America. The company really prides itself from their unwavering support to volunteers from the moment they first get in contact with their organization. Some of their most interesting projects today include a program in Fiji called “Community Development Expedition” that focuses in education, women’s empowerment, environmental monitoring and mapping, income generation, health management, and more.

Their “Mediterranean Conservation Discovery for Youth” in Greece is directed towards teenagers who would like to volunteer for wildlife and environmental conservation.

Find more information here at their website.

Image courtesy of Volunteer Abroad UBELONG at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of Volunteer Abroad UBELONG at Flickr.com

Maximo Nivel

This organization offers special opportunities that allow volunteers to study as well as work all over Latin America. Their programs in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru include Spanish immersions, volunteer abroad opportunities, International Internships, TEFL Certifications, Semester Abroad, High School Abroad, and many more.

Volunteering Solutions

Another great company that has many different programs to choose from in order to cater to a great variety of people interested in volunteering and also in order to help a great number of people in communities all over the world. Their internships abroad are especially popular, particularly for those in the healthcare field interested in their medical internships. For those interested in bringing their family, friends, college buddies and coworkers, they can customize programs for groups in order to meet all of their needs and assign them in the best way possible.

Agape Volunteers

This UK based organization, specializes in well-established volunteer placements to support humanitarian work in Kenya, Maasai, Ghana, South Africa and Tanzania. Their volunteer can expect to work in orphanages, teaching, helping develop school programs and in the support of conservation efforts. In addition to their volunteer projects, Agape offers a wide range of extra activities that can be added to your trip, including safaris and mountain climbing. Be sure to check out their website if you are looking for a reputable and innovative volunteer abroad program in Africa.


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