3 Caribbean Island Adventures You Can Enjoy On A Budget

3 Caribbean Island Adventures You Can Enjoy On A Budget


Picture this: Welcoming crystal clear water, warm, pristine beaches, and fantasy-worthy views as far as the eye can see. When you think of the many islands located in the Caribbean, more than 700 according to Royal Holiday Destinations, this image comes to mind. However, dreaming about a trip to the Caribbean islands is usefully accompanied by a fear of the traveling costs associated with such a prime travel location. You may not have an extensive travel budget to work with, but rest assured, there are at least three islands in the Caribbean that you can vacation to and have a good time without a lot spending a lot of money.

The Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic lies on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean and could easy be one of the more prominent travel destinations in the area. However, this prominent status means that getting to the Dominican Republic is a breeze, with most major airlines offering flights to the one of several international airports on the island and numerous cruise lines that stop at Dominican Republican ports throughout the year. This ready availability of means of travel usually gets you the most competitive prices regardless of what mode of travel you choose. Royal Holiday travelers have consistently selected Punta Cana on the eastern side of the island as one of the most desirable Caribbean trips, with white sandy shores and serene atmospheres at every bend. The Dominican Republic is also one of the more budget friendly island adventures because visitors can spend many of their days taking in all the natural and historical sights, such as the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park, without spending a lot of money.

Jamaica may be one of the most attractive travel destinations for Royal Holiday travelers because of its many fine resorts. However, what most people do not know is that Jamaica is also home to low-key informal bungalows and accommodations. Therefore, even when you are traveling on a budget, you can get an attractive place to stay without spending a fortune. Take your pick of local dining establishments, which include everything from classic Caribbean foods to favorites from the U.S..

Traveling to the Jamaican island is easy, with many of the top airlines offering routes to both the Kingston and Montego Bay area. There are ample things to do in Jamaica without spending a dime, whether it is strolling along miles of welcoming beaches, such as the Seven-Mile Beach in Negril, or taking in the sites of the abundant flora and fauna served up by the tropical climate. Check out a 600-foot waterfall in Ocho Rios at the Dunns River Falls and Park Beach nature area for more fun on a budget. You can even take advantage of local festivities in some of the most populous areas on the island without spending anything.

There are some places in the Caribbean that are always considered a little more high-end, and Barbados could easily be considered one of those places. Yet even travelers on a budget can have a good time in Barbados. The densely populated areas are home to many year-round festivals and events that are free for visitors, and you can even enjoy free guided tours of some of the natural preservation areas and beaches in the area.

Also, to appease you inner pirate by checking out some of the rum distilleries for an open tour and free sampling. Dine on simple meals from local markets and stay in nice hotels that are a little off the beaten path to save even more money.

With as many as 60 beaches open to the public pretty much all year, Barbados island is the perfect travel destination if you like to swim, as water temperatures remain a warm 70 or 80 degrees all the time. Getting to Barbados on a budget is no big deal either, as many of the most recognized airlines make frequent stops at the airport in Seawell.

You may not have a lot of money to spend on an island adventure, but there are plenty of Caribbean travel ideas for people on a budget. Check out Royal Holiday Caribbean vacations to find out more about budget-friendly island travel opportunities.

Taking in all of the glory and luxury that is offered by the Caribbean does not have to be an expensive adventure. With Royal Holiday, you can go island hopping even on a budget.


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