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The Second Interview – What to Expect and How to Prepare

The Second Interview – What to Expect and How to Prepare

An invitation for a second interview is very exciting. The second interview indicates that you are a serious contender for the position in question. However, it also means that you must go through the stressful process again. Typically, a second interview involves different people that the first. Many companies hold panel interviews on the second round so that candidates can meet as many people as possible. Often, the second interview includes meetings with executives and upper-level managers, but the conversation may also involve potential coworkers.

Preparing for a second interview involves many of the same steps as in the first interview. You should understand why you are a good fit and be able to articulate why you want the job. In addition, you should perhaps conduct even more research on the general industry and the company in particular, as well as think about any questions or concerns you may want to raise. The second interview often involves targeted questions. For example, interviewers often ask what actions you would take first if hired, or they may prompt you to discuss a project you previously worked on in greater detail.

You should come to the second interview with a list of questions raised by your research and look at the discussion as an opportunity to ensure that the work environment is ideal for you. You should also think about compensation and benefits, since this topic often comes up at the second interview. If the topic isn’t brought up, do not initiative the conversation yet. Candidates who spend their time looking at typical salaries in their industry and at the company have greater bargaining power.

Sometimes, the second interview involves strange, off-the-wall questions, such as, “What three items would you bring with you to a deserted island?” The questions are designed to determine whether you are a cultural fit. Don’t let them stress you out, and answer openly and honestly.