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Great Summer Jobs

Summer jobs are often an important part of moving from childhood to adulthood because they provide high school students with a chance to build their resumes and earn some money in their downtime. But summer work can provide good opportunities for anybody, particularly if you choose a job that teaches you the skills you’ll need to obtain a long-term position later on. If you’re interested in summer work, look for the following promising opportunities:

– Internships. The best choice for a summer job by far is an internship in a field you’d like to work in full-time. Internships provide excellent networking opportunities and make for a great line on a resume. They also provide you with real-world experience doing the kind of work you hope to make into a career.

– Camp counseling. Camp counselors usually don’t make very much money, but they learn valuable leadership and education skills. The conflict resolution and communication abilities you develop as a counselor can be used in just about any position, as well.

– Retail sales. Sales skills can also be applied to many different careers, and retail positions often represent good opportunities for workers just getting started. A retail sales position may also provide you with experience handling inventory and cash, and it will probably teach you customer service principles that will help you out over the course of your entire career.

– Nannying. Being a nanny requires a strong sense of responsibility and conflict resolution skills, as well as a knack for working with kids. If you’re thinking about pursuing a career that involves children, like teaching or social work, a summer job as a nanny can help you build a skill set and develop your resume.

– Independent Tutoring. Tutoring can take a variety of forms, from helping kids in summer school to teaching computer skills to adults. Tutors often make good money, and working as an independent tutor gives you a chance to hone your entrepreneurial skills, since you’ll handle everything from scheduling to finding and billing clients.

Smile at All Stages in Your Job Search

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How to Stay Positive During a Long Job Search

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Reasons to Pursue an Internship

Before you can land a job in some fields, you need to gain experience first. Graduating from a good school or having the right credentials may not be sufficient if the job market is especially competitive. In order to gain experience, you might want to consider taking on an internship. Some internships pay, while others… Read More…

Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Resume

Employers receive some pretty unusual job applications from time to time. However, even if your resume doesn’t rail against your current employer, contain words from an invented language, or reveal an inappropriate amount of personal information, you can still make mistakes that will cause it to be set aside. In one survey, 40 percent of… Read More…