2 Famous People Who Make A Living Traveling

2 Famous People Who Make A Living Traveling


For most travelers, thinking about expenses may be a deterrent when deciding on taking a trip or staying home. Even after the decision is made, if you want to make traveling a way of life, you must think about having an income as you move about, a way to afford expenses and continue producing as you travel. What could be better than seeing wonderful places around the world, learning about traditions, dishes, people and doing it while getting paid? Many people around the world eagerly way to go out on vacation but sadly must return to their daily routine eventually, so it’s no secret that traveling and working is a dream come true. Here we have two examples of the wonderful mix of working and getting to live that which you feel passionate about.


Everything began with two girls from Finland and their dream of traveling. This photography blog is full of creative images using techniques like scene framing. The main idea is to travel to places where famous movies or series were shot and take pictures, organize them so they compliment the original image as if they were there on the set. Some of the shows that they have features are Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. The girls responsible for the blog are Tiia Öhman and Satu Walden, and they have had the opportunity to publish their images in famous TV stations, newspapers and other known publications that have been delighted by their work. The girls have traveled the world perfecting their craft and getting to see some amazing places they always wanted to visit.

How did it started?

This idea to photograph images within a frame was not originally thought out by the girls, but instead they decided to try it out with their tablets and give it their own twist. After posting the pictures online they realized they had become viral and were being shared by thousands of people. From there on, they decided to continue to improve their technique and get to where they are today.

Who has access to their pictures and posts?

Everyone can have access to their blog and see their pictures, videos and information they share in social networks from the comfort of their home. Finding them is just a search away. Their posts are written in English and Finnish originally, but are also translated to other languages to reach a broader audience.

Photographic Strategy.

Both creators assure that what they are looking to achieve with their blog is to expand upon their travel stories, teach other alternative ways to travel and work, show the beauty of the locations they visit and prove that great beauty may be found in the common things. Mainly they search to change things up and use creativity to make their images memorable and entertain their audiences so they can also relate to their love for these shows and movies and appreciate them in a different way.

Evolution of the blog.

After their first scene frame went viral, they are been published in many newspapers, TV shows and entertainment websites around the world. Even harnessing a following that includes many famous personalities that share their posts. From their beginnings in 2014, they have had the support of Netflix, VisitBritain, VisitSweden and Fox Finland amongst other successful and famous networks.


Image courtesy of Peabody Awards at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of Peabody Awards at Flickr.com


Born in New York City. From an early age, his father who was of French descent moved him to France where he began his journey of culinary skill and knowledge.

How did he get started?

One day after trying oysters for the first time, he fell in love with seafood and decided to start working with fish and other products of the ocean. He studied at The Culinary Institute of America and after that went to work in many restaurants where he remained an executive for many years and gained fame and notoriety due to his hard work and dedication. Anthony Bourdain has hosted a few shows for different networks, but is his show “No Reservations” what has made him incredibly famous and given him the opportunity to travel the world in such way.  

No Reservations

The show promotes the diversity of culture and traditions and removing stigmas that people may have against certain places without being there first. When he tries a new dish, he has no problem saying it like it is and displaying that curiosity a regular travel would sure have when faced with the new and unknown. He ventures to try any dish he is served, things as bizarre as the beating heart of a cobra, rotten shark and a warthog’s anus. Dishes that other people may find disgusting are just another day at the office for Bourdain.   

These experiences vary constantly thanks to his traveling job, where he may wake up in very different places of the world every couple of weeks, enjoying new cultures and of course, new food.

During the show, Anthony Bourdain has visited more than 30 countries including France, Colombia, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Iceland, Peru and many more.


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