10 qualities you need to have to be an Au Pair

10 qualities you need to have to be an Au Pair


Many young people around the world dream to go to travel the world and experience life living among people with a different culture. However their inexperience makes them difficult to find a suitable way to support this dream. For many years now, being an Au Pair has been a pretty easy way to fulfill many young people dreams. Yet you need to take into account some things before deciding to go abroad and become an Au Pair. One of these things is the qualities you need to have if you want to be an Au Pair. Here you will find ten qualities that help you to decide if you can travel around the world being an Au Pair.

1.You love being around children

The principle job an Au Pair has is to take care of children of a host family. To do so, you have to love everything about being around a child. For instance, you need to enjoy playing silly games, being active, or organizing messy place or situations. You even need to love being around them when they cry or make a lot of noise.

2. You are responsible

Host parents will trust you their children and all the responsibilities this situation carries. It is their little children lives they are putting into your hands. Therefore, if you are somehow irresponsible, the lives of these kids can be in danger. As an Au Pair, you are responsible of children’s well-being, so you have to feed them well, to avoid dangerous situations or objects, and not leave them alone ever.

3. You are always punctual

This quality is closed related with being responsible. Why? Because you are responsible of being always punctual in children’s daily life activities such as taking them to or picking them up from school, or other extracurricular activities. Some cultures are absolute strict with punctuality, so you should be careful because being unpunctual can end up in being out of an Au Pair program.

4. You have extra patience

When you are an Au Pair, you may find yourself in situations which can make you lose your mind. Some children might be rude, spoiled or badly behaved at times, so here is when you need to have that extra amount of patience, and overcome these situations without regretting later. You must handle these types of behaviors without getting you into those bad tempers too. A lot of patience is your best friend when you are surrounded by children, especially badly behaved ones.

Image courtesy of Cams at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of Cams at Flickr.com

5. You are a loving person

In general, children are very lovable. They need real and physical demonstrations of your love for them, so you should express that in every opportunity you have. They enjoy love expressions such as hugs, kisses, affection words, or a simply thing to sit with them to play or talk. This quality makes you lovable, and they will want to spend time with you which is very important for your time as an Au Pair.

6. You are creative

Being creative is one of the most important qualities you should have when you are an Au Pair. Not only do you need to be creative with things related to games or free activities for the kids, but also you have to come up with original and feasible ideas to solve everyday problematic situations. You have to be able to use your imagination to create resourceful ways and objects to entertain children. Furthermore, it is essential you can resolve challenging situations in a short time, and your creativity is very useful to do so.

7. You have great communication skills

As an Au Pair, you need to be clear and assertive when you communicate with both children and host parents. When you have great communication skills, you are able to talk with host parents about any tricky situation related to their children without sounding disrespectful or interfering. Likewise, the way you communicate with the kids is extremely important to establish a good relationship with them, so you need to use your communication abilities to be on children’s communicative level.

8. You are respectful

Respect towards all members of the family and other people involved in your Au Pair experience, is the key to becoming part of your host family. Sometimes people during this experience can be disrespectful. Especially at the beginning, children can be disrespectful to you at times, since they see you as an intruder in their families. However, you are obliged to respect people even when they do not treat you the same way.

9. You adapt easily

If you are going to be an Au Pair, being adaptable is crucial because you are going to be out of your comfort zone, and you need to adapt your life to many new things. Eating habits, cultural issues, lifestyle modes or just a different climate, you need to adapt quickly to these changes, so you can fully enjoy your Au Pair experience.

10. You are bilingual or multilingual

This quality is the last one because it can sound very insignificant compare with the other ones. Nonetheless, as an Au Pair you will have the opportunity to travel and meet new people who do not always speak your same language. To speak at least another language is essential for living this experience to the top. If you do not speak another language, and you want to be an Au Pair, the last recommendation is to start learning one as soon as possible.


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