10 Of The Best Hospitality Jobs Out There

10 Of The Best Hospitality Jobs Out There


The hospitality industry refers to jobs having to do with services including lodging, event planning, theme parks, cruises and other fields within the tourism industry. While many of these jobs are not specifically related to working inside a hotel, they all have the service part in common, and the majority of them have a lot to do with travel. The possibilities in the industry are just about limitless, especially for those who are educated, have experience, people skills and great leadership. Some of these jobs actually pay incredibly well and are very satisfying to hold in many different ways. On this article of Royal Holiday Jobs, we will take a look at some of the best hospitality jobs available, including some of the highest paying ones, and tell you how they work exactly so you can get a broad picture of the choices at your disposal.

Hotel Manager

Hotel managers are directly responsible for overseeing all operations as well as the financial matters of the business. They are in charge of regulating standards in service, supervising staff training and ultimately responsible for the service to customers. In most cases, the manager must select the food that is being served, as well as any special services that the hotel has. They must be savvy in all matters of advertising, customer service and human resources of the company.

Front Desk Clerk

Front Desks Clerks are usually in charge when most eventualities happen in a hotel, and therefore must be extremely responsible individuals who can be trusted with the position. They are in charge of assigning guests to their rooms and accommodating any type of special requests they may have. A sales-minded individual can do great in a position like this because they can offer different choices to guests and help them make their mind about their lodging selections.

Convention and Meeting Planner

They coordinate logistics at all different levels and are experts at event planning and everything that comes with it. An individual in this position must coordinate both the equipment as well as the human component of conventions, events and meetings. They must be able to meet with the clients and utilize the spaces available in the best possible way to yield the best benefit for all parties involved, so they must understand all aspects of dealing with customers as well as budget and logistics dealings.


A concierge is a sort of personal assistant to guests. The duties of a concierge depend highly on the type of hotel and they range from simply giving information as needed, to making a dinner reservation, securing tickets to an event and coordinating transportation for guests. An individual in this position must have excellent people skills and be very reserved and professional in general.

Maitre d’

Maitre d’ is a host to the dining areas of a hotel. They are responsible for seating guests and properly accommodating them to their liking. This job is extremely important because they are in a large part responsible for showing a first impression of the hotel and their employees. They attend phone calls to the restaurant, accommodate special requests and also manage the flow of guests coming to the restaurant and make sure they are properly taken cared of in case there are no tables available.

Hotel Chef

This can be one of the most glamorous and well-paid positions in a hotel since the chefs are sometimes responsible for retaining customers for many years to come. They are ultimately responsible for everything that has to do with the kitchen and its staff. They chose the menus, the signature dishes and estimate amounts and costs of required supplies, such as food and ingredients. An entire article could be written about the complexity of this position.

10 Of The Best Hospitality Jobs Out There
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Casino Manager

This is currently the highest paying job on our list. A Casino General Manager must ensure that every single aspect of the casino runs smoothly and that guests are well taken care of, even more so than in any other types of establishment in the hospitality industry. Casino managers spend a lot of time dealing directly with customers so their interpersonal skills must be impeccable.

Head of Housekeeping

Few things are so important in a hotel as room cleanliness. The head of housekeeping is ultimately responsible for the entire cleaning staff and the overall maintenance of the rooms in the hotel. Few jobs are so crucial when it comes to the entire interworking of the establishment as they duties of the head of housekeeping.  


Sommeliers share their knowledge of wine with guests and help them make the best choices to ensure their experiences are unforgettable. However, what they are mostly doing, is selling wine, so they must be experts salespeople as well as charming, elegant and sophisticated.

Executive Pastry Chef

Pastry chefs are considered lucky for having one of the coolest jobs in the industry. They specialize in one of the most beloved parts of any dinner, the desserts, pastries and sweets. Pastry chefs can be as instrumental as head chefs when it comes to retaining clients if they are exceptionally good at their job.


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