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About Royal Holiday

As the vacation club of choice for over 100,000 people, Royal Holiday brings travelers to more than 180 destinations around the world. The company relies on its people to do so. Here on Royal Holiday Jobs, visitors will find information on the types of positions the company is hiring in, what it looks for in employees, and what life might be like as a Royal Holiday worker.

At Royal Holiday, customer service is paramount. Members count on the company and its team of Holiday Advisors to help them plan their dream vacations to destinations all over the planet. People looking for jobs with Royal Holiday should therefore be prepared to put the customer first. On some days, that might mean helping members navigate Royal Holiday’s online reservation system, through which they can view their membership and credit levels and choose their trip dates based upon availability at their chosen resorts. On other days, that might mean answering members’ questions about the club and their membership plans, like how many credits they receive every year and how they can roll credits over from one year to the next if they need to. And sometimes it might mean assisting them in finding the best vacation destinations to suit their needs or answering questions for them while they travel.

In return for helping Royal Holiday’s members, people who take jobs with the company get the chance to work for an award-winning firm. Royal Holiday has been given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and has earned multiple hospitality industry awards for quality and customer satisfaction. Former employees have rated the company highly for compensation, culture, and management. They have praised it for allowing them space to engage their creativity in their work and for providing equal opportunities to employees. Royal Holiday values the positive reputation it has earned, and the company aims to work with its employees to foster a rewarding company culture as they give its customers the award-winning experience they have come to rely on.

Royal Holiday also values the reputation it has earned with its members. When recruiters look for candidates, they searches for potential employees with initiative and the ability to connect with members and build a rapport. The company employs people in a variety of jobs, ranging from salespeople, who explain the benefits of club membership to back-office support staff, who take care of payroll and human resources tasks while supporting management teams. Royal Holiday requires employees who can work as part of a team and look out for one another as well as for the overall well-being of the company and its members. Necessary job skills can range from proficiency with information technology and the ability to manage databases to a knack for person-to-person sales to troubleshooting and analyzing reports on business development.

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